dCity WEED Farm Contest - Win WEED, HIVE, and WEED Farms!

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777 WEED, 42 HIVE, and 5 WEED Farms up for grabs!!

The top 5 entries to this contest will be rewarded as follows:

  1. 420 WEED, 20 HIVE, and 1 WEED Farm
  2. 210 WEED, 10 HIVE, and 1 WEED Farm
  3. 105 WEED, 7 HIVE, and 1 WEED Farm
  4. 42 WEED, 5 HIVE, and 1 WEED Farm
  5. 1 WEED FARM

Entries will also get upvotes from @canna-curate, @canna-community, and @dcitygame

Plus, if you meet the criteria for @dcitygame's contest, you could win up to 100 HIVE with your entry! Check out: dCity Update Follow Up - Info and more contests to make sure you qualify their contest as well!

So, in theory, you could win both contests at #1 and end up winning 120 HIVE, 420 WEED, and a WEED Farm on dCity!


How to Enter:

  • You have 3 days to make a dCity game tutorial for beginners. Due by the end of Saturday
  • Make a Hive post or 3Speak video
  • Use all 3 of these tags: dcity, weedcash, canna-curate
  • Use graphics from this post, the game, or from posts by @dcitygame or @gerber


How to Win

The winning criteria for this contest is the same as the dCity contest. @richardcrill and @jonyoudyer will be judging the contest and we want to see the main rules of the dCity game covered while also being a simple and user-friendly tutorial.

Make sure to cover the basics, but also show off the new possibilities with more Hive-Engine tokens, especially WEED!


You can both spend and earn WEED in the new dCity update!


Spend WEED with WEED Fests!


You can spend WEED, BEER, CCC, and and STEM to have different events in your city to give boost to various metrics. The main metric you increase with WEED Fests is your creativity.


This gives you a higher chance to earn backgrounds which is very cool, because backgrounds are the rarest assest class in the game, with only a few accounts having found any so far!


Earn WEED with WEED Farms!


When you have WEED Farms in your city, you will earn WEED tokens based on the number of WEED Farms you have and that is doubled when you are having a WEED Fest!



dCity info and graphics

Basic Info
Update and Contest
Discord go to media #media-kit for graphics


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Here is my tutorial:


Would love another weed farm :)

I tried to understand that game with zero success

I wrote some tutorials about the very basics and the new mechanics that got introduced with the update. but if you have specific questions you can also ask me if you want to :)

The basic idea is to grow your city to be big and prosperous. When you do that you earn SIM and HIVE.

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This game is a superb one. Now I have 10 weed farms

Very addictive game. If you can balance the people and building this game is for you

I even wanted to participate in the contest, but I don't know how to play dCity unfortunately. But I liked the community's initiative. Thus, more people like me will be able to better understand the mechanics of the game. Good luck to the participants!

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No worries. Check out my last post, it’s a contest everyone can participate in, and at the same time you can help support the community

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Did you send me a WEED farm?

Thanks :)