NFTs Are Now Live!


NFT's are now live on the new Weedcash front end!

This is just the begging of somthing huge! Just imagine Leafly style strain reviews that we can mint into NFT's. The posssibilties are endless. Pscyadellic art, stoner art, Nug porn, or whatever you can imagine.

To do list:

  • Fixing the cloudfare setup so www does not have to be added to be directed to the new front end.
  • Setting up Liquity pool incentives.


Other improvments added is a direct link on the Hamburger Menu to the Weedcash Store. Pick up a shirt, or stickers with the Weedcash logo, and spark up a conversation about the Hive Blockchain. Or need a pipe? Yes the WC store has that too, and the best part is you can use multible tokens to purchase items! The portion of the procedes will be used for marketing. It really is a win win.

Slowly, but surely things are coming togther. With all the upgrades, we hope to tell the BlockChain community, we are in it for the long haul, and will remain commited to pushing the cannabis community to new heights. But we all must remain commited. Wheter it is publishing content, interaction, or promotion outside of Weedcash, it is a team effort. After all there is no I in Weed.

Stay tuned for more updates...




How good!! I saw this news on Discord and it made me very happy!! Now in a few days is the Expo-cannabis here in Uruguay, more precisely on December 3, 4 and 5 and it would have been very good to have a stand with promoting Hive, and also the NFTs!! Who says in the future we can do something nice together!!

That would of been really cool! Perhaps one day we will be able to do convention expos. That really would set us up good.

NFTs on Weedcash I have lived all my dreams now, I'm a rather pervasive NFT blogger on Weedcash & HIVE. A fairly good WAX NFT vendor (not producing resale) this gives me a greater insight into what the NFT market responds to.

Weedcash may actually have everything necessary for NFT vIRLs between the weedcash merch / store & the NFT production / market. A Simple vIRL NFT redemption mechanism could be handled through weedchat or discord.

The Video above goes over vIRL NFTs (virtual In Real Life Non Fungible Token) sounds complex its just an NFT product voucher redemption system.

The spectacle + advertising alone would be reason enough to try this & It would be a first for HIVE NFTs setting weedcash apart.

Ill do a Weedcash post soon & ill go over further NFT tactics that work well with WAX NFT collections but are simplistic enough for HIVE NFTs

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Lets do strategic partnership with wax and have weedcash peg on wax for atomichub to allow weeecash nfts to be backed by wax weed tokens

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Yeah that's what I was saying before great call

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That would be dope!

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This is awesome. Great work!

Cool idea.

Btw, @canna-community how hard was it to add that NFT section to a tribe?

Sorry for the late reply, not that hard. just had to set some parameters and reazaqul did all the real work

I will have to get busy aquiring and staking more!