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Hello Weedcash family! First off we just want to give you all a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you all, Weedcash would not be what it is. Also we would like to show some love to @thelogicaldude for the work he is doing with Weedcash.org, and The Weedcash Store. Not to mention, @loonatic with his Store. So cool to see some cool stuff you can buy with your Weed. Then if things go according to plan, WeedCash will have it's first exclusive strain, The Silver Mac from @jonyoudyer. Who knows, it is possible Weedcash will have it's very own Seed Bank! Soon there will be some big things happening with the Weed Token, Hive-Engine will be setting up Wrapped Weed, so be on the lookout, and HODL!


WeedCash Witness

@weedcash.network witness is running smoothly. The Weedcash team wants to express extreme gratitude to @enginewitty for making this a success. However we still need to move up in rank. If you have any slots open, please go give weedcash.network , and @enginewitty a vote today, just visit here. You will need your active key to sign this transaction.


We know are community is small, but one big thing that is always brought up is engagement. So @richardcrill has signed up for a service by @amr008, that will up vote quality comments. But there is a catch. In order to get these votes, you have to comment directly from The Weedcash front end. Not only will that benefit you with nice votes, but it also benefits the platform. Especially when we see more new people. Comments are worth more then any vote. So please help us get the word out, and please remember, since only the comments that are counted have to come directly from the front end.


So one more thing. If you have any BRO, please go into their Discord, and vote for the Weed pool! We all know the Weed is the best token of all! Seriously though, these guys are killing it, and proving that Hive-Engine tokens are kick ass. The Weedcash team appreciates all that they do.

The Weedcash Team


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Ok. I'm a n00B. I did as you asked, I voted for both weedcash and enginewitty. ... But what did I just do? What does it mean? :)

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No worries at all. Voting for Witnesses is a great thing to do! As a Hive user you have 30 openings to vote for Witness. Witnesses run the nodes that keep the block chain running. The higher rank a witness is, the more blocks they will have to produce.

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Just voted the witness. Keep up the great work.

Weed community! so impressive. am glad to know about the weed token and the weed community. am in to engage

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Thanks for the shout out! I’m not done yet, wink wink!

Well looks great even when it’s not ready! Haha

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I bought a bunch of WEED before the price crash, woops!
Hopefully the upgrades and such bring more users, and stabilize the price. I don't really understand wrapped tokens, but I think it would have been funny if it was rolling weed... though "wrapping" it is still funny.
In the meantime, the front end is working well, and appreciated!
Keep up the great work.

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How do you buy weed? (Weed coin that is.) I would like to contribute a bit to this ecosystem.

Are you currently using hive engine? If so, you'll find it in the token market there.
If not, if you're interested in checking it out, it's at www.hive-engine.com, and you log in with your hive username and posting key (the least secure one). That gets you in to your wallet, where you'll see all your tokens, and their current values. If you haven't been in there before, you've probably got a couple bucks waiting for you already :P It's 1% to withdraw from the site, or deposit into the site. But trades between various tokens, and sending tokens to others is free. (Sorry if you already knew that part.)
WEED is super cheap right now. I'm not sure why, but the price recently pulled right back. It could be a buying opportunity, although I've got no idea what the future holds for its price. I've got 2000 or so of them at the moment.

I just joined a few days ago. I have almost no Hive. People had to lend me coin in order for me to post. Judging from what yo said I guess I send over eth from metamask to my Hive wallet and then pick up some coin?

As far as what I know - I'm a total n00b. I'm still wrapping my head around Hive and ecency points; and hive keychain. It's a bit of a learning curve but it's been fun.

Okay, cool. Nice to meet you. Classic liberals are the only decent kind imo... I'm probably identifying in any of the major political groups. I might say something like voluntarist free market libertarian agorist :P
I'm a total noob and boob. After nearly 4 years here. It's a learning curve indeed. Too steep for me, most of the time! Not that I'm old, but certainly not 20 and sharp, either. And I've used computers all my life (PCs, not smart devices, mind you). Problem mainly is that I never learned the technical side of computers, and Hive is still being built. I'm mostly just a content-creator here.
I've never even messed with Eth, personally. I put what little BTC I had into Steem (the main chain Hive forked off a year ago) in early 2018 (wow, that was a terrible financial decision, but now finally the price is starting to turn around). So I've been a bag holder now for a few years, haha. Not that I'm much of an investor, more of a saver.
Check out hive engine when you get a sec, it's fairly easy. You just need your posting key (same one you're using to comment right now). It's free to log in, browse your wallet, check the market, and so on. It's even free to trade, and send/receive. It only costs (1%) when you decide to pull those funds out, for example, to convert them to HIVE and bring them onto the Hive blockchain (for powering up, spending, etc). So it's free, until it's not free but still cheap :) You might have some tokens in there already even though you just joined.
Interesting to hear your story of struggle! Been a while since I started a new account. Sounds... not very fun. But I'm glad you persevered thus far.

Now that's what I call... a comment!!

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So did I :) bought some WEED tokens before the crash :D

Rolling Weed! Thats funny. But hey maybe it can be BLuntWrapped Weed? haha

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Hey @drutter, here is a little bit of BEER from @trayan for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Voted for the witness ;)

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Weed community! How impressive.

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waoo I'm trying to start over as a content creator! but I found this community I find it impressive how I can find them in discord friends !!?

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