Introducing The New Members Of The Cannabis Critters Family!! Big News

Cannabis Critters Custom BLACK background.png

Introducing the new members of the Cannabis Critters family!

Hello everyone! Today is a big day for Cannabis Critters as it is the day that we add some new additions to our family! With these novel additions comes new strains, new prospects, and new possibilities. Please allow me to introduce the latest additions to the Cannabis Critters family!
Alien 1 gram 350 by 350.png Lion 1 gram 350 by 350.png

1 GRAM bud guy bubba kush WHITE lettering fin 350 by 350.png Steg 1 gram colored Stankasaurus fin 350 by 350.png

Each Cannabis Critter will be available with 4 different weight attributes and will each represent a specific strain. There will only be a limited quantity available of each strain so if you see your favorite strains make sure to grab them before they're gone! This applies to the artwork as well. If you see Cannabis Critter art that you really enjoy, make sure to grab one while supplies last

As well as adding all new art we will also be releasing Special Edition Cannabis Critters with unique features! These special edition critters will come with some interesting and exciting perks as time goes on! These will be extremely limited in quantity and availability and will be much more scarce then the original edition critters so keep your eye out for them!
alien fixed for good 350 by 350.gif lion firework low (1) 350 by 350.gif

Bud guy fin 350 by 350.gif steg and firefly and comet positioned 350 by 350.gif

Special edition Cannabis Critters have a Strain attribute of "Universal", this means that they can be used to claim ANY strain that is available per the menu on

Effective immediately we will be de-listing all of the unsold v1 Cannabis Critters on the market and burning them. Anyone who currently holds a v1 Cannabis Critter can choose to keep the original or trade 1-to-1 for a v2 Cannabis Critter of the same weight. If you would like to trade your v1 Cannabis Critter for a v2 Cannabis Critter fill out this small form and we will exchange your critters! V1 to V2 Exchange Form

As we continue forward on our journey we will be introducing more new and exciting Cannabis Critters with new strains and all new art. Only v1 Cannabis Critters can be traded for v2. Later versions of Cannabis Critters will not be exchangeable for newer versions.

Vote on your favorite Cannabis Critter below and tell us what you guys think! We will randomly select a winner for a free 1/8 ounce Cannabis Critter of your choosing! Comment "VOTE ____" and fill in your favorite critters name to vote. Names are as follows:

Alien/Sour Alien OG
Lion/Lions Mane
Bud Guy/Bubbakush

We hope you guys enjoy the update and have fun collecting and growing your stash!

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Or visit Atomichub Cannacritter Collection to purchase with WAX!
[email protected]
Twitter: @Cannacritters

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New art looks wonderful! Excellent John on the formatting of this post too. You are forsure getting this down💪

Haha thanks buddy!!

great graphics!

Thanks! Everyone seems to be loving them! Which is your favorite? We are going to give away one for free to someone who votes for their favorite

Funbucket looks like hell...

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Great NFTs! I loved the Lions Mane :D


Yes Lions Mane is one of our favorites! Thanks for telling us which is your favorite!


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VOTE Stegosaurus/Stankasaurus

Such a fantastic project with a fantastic utility.

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