Punch Bowl


Many people outside, and even some inside, the cannabis community fail to realize how much work goes in to producing this joint. As Croptober is in full swing across the northern hemisphere, farmers from all walks of life and financial backgrounds are cutting, drying, and processing their crops.


A person can find about as many theories on harvest methods and best practices as there are growers. I generally wet trim, but this time I’ll compare both wet trim, and curing untrimmed like this. I will do a fair comparison with everything else the same. I’ll let you know what I think about the results.


I like to get things cleaned up right away.










The ultimate punch bowl

This stuff hits hard, a half joint mid day feels like the first smoke of the morning.


Wet trimmed, smelling and tasting wonderful.

Ready to burn and enjoy.
Cherry Punch # 2

Cherry Punch # 1

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Uh .. I just can say you have cool day there what this plant, I think I need to get out from Estonia too so I can use this plant :) .... Here we have some fucked up lows what not let use it :)))
Have you heard is this plant ok to use in Mexico ? :))

Yes, it’s widely used in Mexico and the federal government there is in the process of finalizing legislation. It’s warmer there than Estonia too;) There’s so much to photograph in Mexico as well, from jungle to beaches to architecture and of course the beautiful colorful people. I hope you make it there soon. Mexico is in my future too! Viva Mexico!

Si...Viva Mexico! 🥰 👌👌👌 .. I hope this market ends good of this year end and I can make this move soon. 👌👌

Same here friend ✌️

HOw fast you can get there ... if some opportunity door opens ? ... Here I must think how I can find safe plains to go :)) to lot this fake shit corona law things what try stop me to move :))

Mexico has no travel restrictions, I’m not sure the best option for you flying from Estonia. Jeff Berwick just helped Max Igan get out of Australia. He had to hopscotch through several countries. Start looking into it now so you know what options you have. As for me, I can fly from Hawaii to Oregon then drive down to Mexico.

Uh ... you are more close then me :)) ... I find something interesting in internet where I can use crypto money to buy a ticket, but that means I have to find another 12 or 13 people who would be interested in joining... if I do it alone it be to expensive, But if I have this 12 or 13 people who want go also and small money to put out then I can get a flight ticket directly to Mexico. It be just 18 h direct flight :))

I did fast one post ... I was mean this how to get in MEXICO :))


I'm at a loss for words while my mouth hangs agape looking at this punch bowl.

This stuff hits hard, a half joint mid day feels like the first smoke of the morning.

I feel stoned just looking at it. It appears you like to harvest before later stage trichome degradation, because I'm not seeing much amber going on here :D
Do you harvest some plants with more CBD properties or always prefer a hard hitter?
I'm guessing the latter.. 😄
But wouldn't surprised if you have some variety with this process due to the fact that there is no way you're smoking all your harvests by yourself. Different people like different things of course.

I'm always insisting that the best cannabis cultivators in the world are on the Hive blockchain, and posts like this prove that statement! I haven't seen much weed on the regular internet that looks like this stuff, or even in person. The closest I've seen in person is the futuremind frost, and it's not even close to this level. This isn't even frost what you have going on here, it's more like snow.

Ok I guess I wasn't at a loss for words after all.. Keep up the great work my friend, can't wait to see more!

I don’t like the amber colored flower, never have. It looks old. Maybe some science says amber is a heavier body stone, but they used to say Indica was a heavier body stone. I think there’s still so much to learn, and my lifetime of personal experience will always be how I determine the truth. ✌️

My intuition says the white frost is better, that's my truth :D ✌️

Very nice, the trichomes are right on. The work it takes is not appreciated. I do it in a small scale and it's a lot of work. Excellent work. Smoking what you grow is special.

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Absolutely stunning flower! So this considered mix light?

Thanks. I don’t think so on the mixed light. We don’t use any supplemental lighting other than four 40 watt led for 6 hours at night during veg. I could be wrong, but I would think mixed light refers to using powerful light as a supplement to sunlight in a greenhouse. Let me know if that’s not correct.

Ok yeah your correct. It would have to be something you use in flower. Damn this is a true testament on what the sun can do! Indoor is great because you can control the environment and have fonstand light, but you being on a mountain in Hawaii gives you a true advantage!