My Top 5 Strains/ marketing Weedcash ideas

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This is fairly subjective but as I was researching some of the cannabis I'm smoking today, I come to find out my friends hybrid is some of the more potent strains crossbred. It shouldn't be to shocking ever the perfectionist he seems to love to outdo himself, The hybrid he calls GOCO aka Gorilla Cookies, He may or may not have made this hybrid I'm assuming it came from a seed vendor but he has crossbred stuff before, however given the fact its properly cured out it puts harvest near fall 4 or 5 months ago. Meaning it had to come from his outdoor which is less likely to be a experiment on his part. That being said for seemingly no reason, I happen to have Gorilla glue #4 & his hybrid today.

Dispensary Gorilla Glue #4

The hybrid he grew GOCO or gorilla cookies

Flavor profile

Given terpenes are important to properly assess a strain and that terps vid I have had to have watched 20 + times by now, Ill try my best to assess the flavor profile of the two. Oddly enough not much difference between the two flavor(s), The hybrid could have a floral taste on top of the pungent (skunk) flavor of both, However this could be subjective IE in my head. This being said i have experience growing both strains, Girl scout cookies from what I recall is a subtle sweet flavor hard to get to actually present itself. Gorilla glue is as hardy as its name sake hard flavor to f$ck up rich skunky flavor almost consistently, & I have tested a few various grows in my time of gorilla glue #4 including my own. The one I thought for sure wouldn't taste right is my cousins out door from years ago dry humping a pine tree, usually gives you a pine tree flavor. Seriously picking pine needles off this thing and it still tasted like gorilla glue. That and easily reaching around 10 to 12 ft in outdoor conditions where i live, one of the only plants if it goes whomping willow you got trouble.
Disturbing glimpse into my psyche aside, This is my favorite strain (it takes something strong just to feel the buzz).

Top ten

using leafily and weedmaps as a reminder of sorts I have smoked everything listed here, or even grown some of these strains. I come from a family of gorilla style growers IE was less legal, legality aside these hillbillys knew there shit. So some of my favorites are not able to be listed, there is no record of them. My first pot plant ah blocked out memories, Was something they dubbed Angel, a cross breeding of northern lights, early pearl, & Kush. This is some of the best shit I have grown the strains seeds sadly where seized by the cops & its a tough sell to get hose back.
Other honorable mention comes from a (non relative) relative I was told to call cousin Richard. Gave me a clone from his mother plant (3 years old ) mother plant, called greeny Meany. Only strain to cause a pass out sitting up buzz in my adult life. again law enforcement destroyed this to( He is in prison ) Pot while legal here is often a reason many go to jail and get robbed by the cops.
In no particular order

#1 Chemdog

The Chemdog we know today, also known as Chem '91, is a phenotype of the original Dogbud. Testing from MRC Labs puts Chemdog between 21% and 24% THC.

#2 Amnesia Haze


Though I cant remember when I'm sure I have smoked this strain ( see what i did there cant remember) Your cringe makes me grow stronger.
A complex lineage of ancient roots, crossing Southeast Asian, Afghani, and Hawaiian landrace varieties. Online sources place the THC range for Amnesia Haze between 20% and 25%

#3 Girl scout cookies

Originally known as Girl Scout Cookies before the scouting organization flagged the name as a trademark violation, GSC is one of the most popular THC-heavy strains in the world. It's a flagship strain of the Cookie Family in Northern California, who pollinated an OG Kush cutting with pollen from the breeders' own F1 Durban Poison to create this iconic flower.
Testing from Steep Hill labs typically places the strain's THC content in a range of 17%-28%. GSC is another prolific high-THC strain with several High Times Cannabis Cup awards under its belt. I have grown this before as I'm sure many of us have

#4 Gorilla glue #4

GG4, also known as Gorilla Glue, Original Glue, and Gorilla Glue #4, was the best phenotype of a strain bred by the founders of Nevada's GG Strains, Josey Whales and Lone Watty.

Whales and Watty's original strain was the result of an accidental cross of Sour Dubb and Chem Sister, a popular phenotype of notable high-THC strain Chemdog. When Whales' friend and fellow breeder Mardogg cultivated four phenotypes, Whales decided on #4 as the winning Gorilla Glue strain.

GG4 has tested from 27% to 30% THC and certified by True-Breed and Phylos Bioscience, according to the GG Strains website.



The Gorilla Cookies strain THC level often falls at around 21%, give or take ... its parental lineage, being a cross between Thin Mint GSC and Gorilla Glue #4. This is all the info I can find on potency. Never grown it but I'm sure that will change hopfully before the world ends.

Getting others involved

Getting flyers or pamphlet pdfs would be a good start, unless otherwise directed I wouldn't do something like this but an official sign up print out would help. I would even get copies made personally out of pocket, I had to do this a lot as a construction worker. Several of the local store owners that are in cannabis market one way or another wouldn't mind something like this at all I have the go ahead from several anyway. Dispensary pipe store owners grow shop owners I have spoken with everyone i already do business with and pamphlets detailing sign up, flyers for Weedcash or even cards would probably help. You can only do so much online since the cannabis consuming crowd would be there already, giving them something to roll on might go a long way.

My generation is to syndical to believe something like Weedcash is possible, Those whom are still alive / talking to me since my college days, are either distancing themselves from cannabis (posers). Or outright refuse to believe verifiable proof, This being said those still involved with the industry, believe weedcash exists but struggle with the more technical aspects especially the crypto aspect. Most of the growers I hang out with are around 40-70 years old so not the most tech savvy. My freind growing the hybrid is a senior citizen 68 i think, Originally met him (while "hanging out" with his daughter) awkward. However he's a great grower, and I'm fairly adept with cannabis chemistry so we have a respect for one another (he even gives me pot his daughter doesn't get to smoke). LB is around 45-50 years old one of the hillbillys that taught me to grow. Both of which i have tried to get involved with weedcash LB is probably the more likely of the two he has been recording his grow even, but ill have to sign him up personally it appears as he has tried twice no luck so...

Something tangible

Like I said I would gladly cover the cost of pamphlet or flyer production, its cheap simple and makes it more of a reality to potential sign ups that otherwise dismiss it as "fake news" I hate that term research shit before you talk shit. ignorance aside merch is great however I'm not having the greatest luck with the store that is what i get for doing this stuff high out of my mind.

I would get one or two construction jobs from a face book targeted add. I handed out flyers 4 years ago and still get calls, assuming something like this would sway those on the fence to at least look into it. An official pdf with the best instructions possible for sign up would help a lot. all hypothetical until i get official feed back on the idea, hell first month or so of something like this could be 20 or more users easy.

Given my piss poor record of 3 sign ups and 1 active user, literally anything would be an improvement. pipe shops and dispensaries might as well be the only thing open due to the pandemic, the line is usually 5-10 deep at my favorite dispensary.

We have weed festivals even in my home town in Michigan, saying something because we are not allowed a dispensary according to the village council. but this is fine
hash bash is more famous, pot celebration in Michigan however the harvest cup takes place in a building I have renovated and know the owners.


I also love GSC, Gorilla Cookies, and Gorilla Glue #4. I haven't had it in a while, but I also used to really like Sour Diesel. I haven't tried nearly as many as some people who live near, say, dispensaries.

lol bud king is like the new burger king

That GOCO cross sounds, and looks amazing. Lets see about getting a flyer made, and quite possibly I can power down some steem and use that for the cause.

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Yeah still voting people over there too. Earning a little tron, which ain’t shit, lol
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In hindsight, that was probably a good idea. I powered all of my Steem down and turned most of it into Hive. I'm still finding little bits of Steem in accounts, though. I just found 3-ish SBD the other day and that was worth over 80 Hive. It's crazy.

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I should check @sweatpants 😂😂

Oh yeah dude, after the split we tried to stick around and see if we can get them to switch the witnesses, and hopefully get top spot so we could have a say, pipe dream I know. But we left on our own terms, vs others jumping on bandwagon.

But we got a 200k steem power delegation for a month! Lol it was cool, but not as great as i thought it would be. Then they did the HF23 that stole people’s steem, then that’s when we decided to only curate there, instead of make it our home. Lots of corruption in the financial sectors, including blockchain.

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Yeah i dont mind contributing to the cause either, Hell nice looking pamphlet seems like somethin I have used to break up on before, now my favorite dispensary. something about smoking suspends disbelief what better time to advertise than leaving a dispensary/pipe store. Most of the people i have spoken to I built their f#cking store for 3 of them or installed their cameras security systems ect. privately owned if i want to leave a pamphlet there it will be free. Vista print is $53 for 1000 flyers pamphlets are a bit pricy but this is with Finish and color I'm sure it could be cheaper.