Buying cannabis products on using cryptocurrency

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Recently I made my first purchase on

I paid entirely using WEED, a token on Hive-Engine.

Watch this video as I show off what I got and explain how to buy products on the store.

What is WeedCash?

WeedCash Network is of many thriving communities on Hive. To use WeedCash you must have a Hive account. You can create a free Hive account by following this link. Once you have your account you can begin posting/curating cannabis related content on

You will begin to earn the WeedCash cryptocurrency WEED, eventually you very well may have enough to buy yourself one of the many amazing products on the WeedCash store.


My review of

My order was processed with ease. I selected the items that I wanted to buy and finished checking out like I would do on any normal online shop. This time at the end I was presented with a HiveSigner transaction to seal the deal.

My items arrived in less than a week, much quicker than I initially excepted. Everything was as pictured, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the t-shirt I ordered also had a Hive logo on the back. The screen-printing was done very well too. This is a great WeedCash shirt!

The only thing I’d suggest is that maybe tracking numbers could be provided to the customer once the items ship. I never actually got an email with tracking numbers, luckily that wasn’t an issue for me since I wasn’t in a rush. I know some people easily get worried, but I can confirm you will receive the items you order, just make sure you are in USA or Canada since that’s the only place the store ships to.


More details on what I ordered






Shoutout to @richardcrill for inspiring me to make this video.

If it wasn’t for him messaging me on Discord and encouraging me to check out the WeedCash store, I wouldn’t have ever made this purchase or video. I had a lot of fun using cryptocurrency to buy some awesome cannabis products and then creating a video to help others do the same.



Shoutout to @thelogicaldude for running

It’s crazy it think I officially have a cyber weed dealer. Not only that, but their store offers much more than just flower. To top it all, I’m able to pay with a digital currency that I earn just from posting about the things I love.


More photos

Take a look at some more photos of me wearing my new WeedCash merch.








The song used in the video is: “Fuck Em” - by: OG Nixon


Wooooowww !! This is great!! I hope that these products will one day arrive in SOUTH AMERICA and that the HIVE and WEEDCASH tribe can enjoy all of them !! I love this type of project, I can't wait for everyone to be green here 💚 inside this incredible and vast platform where you always win! INFORMATION + MONEY = WIN WIN !!

Wooooowww!! Esto es genial!! Anhelo que estos productos lleguen algún día a SUDAMÉRICA y que la tribu de HIVE y WEEDCASH podamos disfrutar de todos ellos!! Me encanta esta clase de proyectos, no veo la hora que esté todo el mundo verde aquí 💚 adentro de esta increíble y vasta plataforma dónde ganas siempre! INFORMACIÓN + DINERO = GANAR GANAR!!

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Glad everything made it! I will check on that with the tracking numbers. It was supposed to happen automatically...Tha is for that feedback though!

It's seriously so cool being able to have cannabis products show up to my front door. Thanks for making it possible to spend my post rewards on things I actually like!

It's a good one buddy!
That's an awesome list of the cannabis-related purchased products 💯
Keep up with the good work!

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Thanks my dude. It's pretty wild that this store even exists. There was nothing like this the first time I used cannabis. Even when I first started blogging, I didn’t have much to spend my rewards on. Now we have an entire head-shop!

I love the video! Will be reposting!


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Excellent video!

Thanks so much! I worked all day on this one, but it was worth it 💨

Awesome shirt 👍👍

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I'm proud to wear that bad ass logo!

Cool i just got some stickers to 👀 how quick they delivered 4 days, i think 🤔 I will get their shirt and a pipe next

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It was pretty fast delivery, helped being on the east coast I think.

Shirt was a must on my first purchase, I'm loving the cbd roller already. The flower is pretty great too.

I would love to buy but I don't know if my country allows it

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If you are outside of USA and Canada then you can't order from WeedCash. Maybe there is someone in your country that will ship to you. Depends where you live I guess and doubtful that they will accept HIVE/WEED.
Maybe BTC though.

This is pretty cool! I didn't know that you could buy hemp flower through the mail. :-)

Yes indeed you can, it's pretty wild isn't it?

That's a fresh Tshirt :D

I know right? I'm very happy to be able to represent WeedCash and Hive 🥳

Will they be offering any actual... weed?

Not sure if they will have weed with thc ever. Maybe see what @thelogicaldude says about that.

No THC, sorry... not trying to run another Silk Road and get taken out like that, lol. Everything on the site is legal.

No need for a Silk Road in Canada. Legal everywhere here. No different than buying beer and smokes, cheeseburgers, whatever. Most of the online shops that take crypto seem sketchy though, so I just drive down the street, find the guy on the corner. Don't even have to get out to sit in his car and listen to him bitch about the wife anymore either, so that's cool.

lol, nice, yeah hopefully we get rid of all these cannabis ridiculous laws down here.

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Yes, as soon as we can do it legally.

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Great stuff!! I would love to know some stores in UK. May be some of the guys here in this part of the world can gang up :)