No phone for me..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where rehashing yesterday's fun.. okay.. not really.. I went out looking for the S21 Ultra ... #denied.. I'm getting ready to head up to Martin's for a day of concrete prep work.. JOY!.. plants are looking awesome.. tune in for Watering Wednesday tomorrow.. Peace

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all the best!

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I recently broke my phone to the point of no return so I'm looking for a new phone too. lol

I'll have a Samsung S8+ available soon

I had to stand on my head to enjoy the bowl today but it was worth it. Noting like a new toy especially when it helps you with your campaign to smoke a bowl with the world every day!

Any bodies to bury along with the concrete? Jimmy Hoffa?

Maybe bury Martin.. he ran over my forms today after I spent all day setting them

LMAO You are upside-down today Dave.

Lo mejor de lo mejor para crear :)

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