Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm getting ready to hit the road.. but not before I stop and get high.. it's another full day of mystery shopping and I'm headed to the Western Slope of Colorado.. it doesn't bother me today though because today is payday..



Drive safely while you're out there! Stay blessed and have fun!

back in the day I was a Mystery Shoplifter

Morning Morning Morning 🙌

Hey how’s the mystery shopping pay work? Paid per gig? $2300 baby🍻
Not 2 shabby indeed. When my girl moves up here from texas we gotta get a side gig. With my bad back I can lay in the passenger side while she drives. Plan is she moves up here till I settle my comp case and spine injury long term plan with all my docs up here and figure out all that, then prolly hear to Texas in a couple years closer to her family and well I think NY is loosing its cool. I think the second half of my life will be spent down south.

It'll do ya good to get out of the cold weather. Yeah it's paid pee job.. but if you're smart and work it right it's pretty profitable.. I just took 50 Sinclair gas stations in NE for $30 each.. probably take 3-4 days to do them

If you don't cough, you don't get off!

Keep living that Gypsy life!


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When does Hail season start? Isn't that where you get your bread buttered?

April or May.. and YES


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