Christmas dabs

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Mmmm, I just picked up my winter solstice, Christmas, and New Years meds! My supplier had tons of new shatter strains, and they're FIRE! It's time to deck the halls, heat a rig, hang the stockings, and dab like crazy from now until well into January!

That's the "God's Green Crack", a tasty and potent sativa strain popular here in BC.

Really tingles in the sinuses! Very high THC content, not messing around.

I already put out a gram for Santa! It was the "Alaskan Thunderfuck", another great sativa. This legendary strain isn't found all the time, so I like to grab it when I see it.

Unfortunately, it was SO good, that somebody (possibly my wife @MediKatie) already dabbed it all up! Sorry, Santa. We'll leave you some edibles instead!

Yummm. Super clean, extremely well-made shatter. Nothing but the cannabinoids and a taste of the terpenes.

It's so bright, it could be the star to top my tree:

Have a very merry Christmas!



Green crack is really good. I had some dabs of that stuff at the Vancouver 420 Farmers Markets back in 2017. Great for exploring the city high as a fruit bat!

I'm diving right in there! DAMMMN : D

Mmmm Christmas cheer! !LUV

It looks very sunny in those pictures. Dabbing in a winter wonderland! !LUV

Everything that glitter is shatter 👌

That gram didn't stand a chance..

Yeah I've never had the pleasure of trying atf, cheers!

a warm Christmas to you and your fam too, and even if it isn't Christmas yet. I also wish everyone the best all year round. LOL