Garden Update: The giant takes over

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Hey everyone hope all is well.

With the last update it was mentioned that the stretching has stopped.... oh boy was I wrong! =))

Currently standing at a towering 3.3m(10.82ft), this giant is officially the biggest cannabis plant I've ever managed to grow.

This morning while enjoying a cup of coffee + wake & bake session I found myself staring up at this big guy. It was hard to get any pic of the top "crown" of the plant, but flowers are forming on all the top branches as well.

I'm currently in the process of ripping down the old roof right behind the tree, for now only half has been removed to make space for it to grow some more.

Just like the plant inside the greenhouse, flowers are forming really fast & the area surrounding the plant is starting to smell really amazing :3

The water drops from last night's rain were still on the leaves & made them look so shiny, I just had to take a bunch of pics:

Once this guy is ready to harvest it will be really sad to cut home down honestly :( But dammmnnnn I'll be rolling in the weed ;P

That's all I have, for now, more updates coming soon.


Add me on Discord if you'd like to talk: CreepyPastaZ ψ(`∇´)ψ#1729


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That's not a cannabis plant, that's a cannabis tree. It's going to smell all the way up here. Bravo!!!

Thanks ^-^ It's already smelling so amazing in the area around it, once the flowers are fully formed my neighbour's will definitely know there's a cannabis plant somewhere close hehe

Wonderful and huge plant!
In Hungary, we can only plant cannabis if the flower does not contain THC.
If it contains, we will receive a prison sentence for it. 😂

Hey thank you, Lol you can hide one or two nice cannabis plants in that lovely big garden of yours =P

It can't be, the neighbor would faint behind the fence from a strong smell, hehe :)

Crazy growth! I would say it will stop growing vertically within the next week, then start focusing more energy into the flowers

That's what I'm thinking aswell. Will need to get my ladder ready to take some shots of the flowers growing at the tip ^-^

When you need a ladder for you cannabis plants, you have unlocked a high achievement in life lol

That's a bad ass looking plant

Thanks =)

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