🍃Garden Update: Inspecting the giant's crown

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Good day everyone, hope all is well.

This morning while staring up at the top area of the giant, I noticed some leaves that got damaged by a falling branch from the bigger trees nearby. So I decided to get out the ladder and do some inspection of the buds at the very top.
Here are some pics that were taken while balancing on that shitty ladder <.>:

(That wood beam is exactly 3m in length!)

Lower / Mid arms:

Upper arms:

Top area / Crown 👑

(Luckily no damage to any of the branches... I almost started flying from the smell alone! ;P)

That is all I have, for now, more updates coming soon!

Add me on Discord if you'd like to talk: CreepyPastaZ ψ(`∇´)ψ#1729



Coolest picture ever!


Nice monsters, They are looking nice and healthy

On top of the world, a healthy plant in the making. 😃


nice nice, i have a monster too :D

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Love the pink stigmas! And ofcourse the phat ass cola.

nice looking plants , a sign of steadfast care . Blunt up!

What a wonderful plants🍃