Homemade blunt / "Blunt" casero


Hello, cannabis culture lovers. Hope you are well and that everything is going perfect for your crops or those of your usual suppliers.

Some time ago I made this post in which I celebrated 420 by making a blunt. What I didn't say in that post is that I couldn't finish it. I took two puffs and I couldn't take it anymore, it was unbearable. When I opened the packaging it already smelled funny. It was a sweet and unpleasant smell but when I dipped it to curl it the taste was worse. I lit it for the sake of publication and took two puffs. I then took it apart and smoked it with regular paper. I still keep the other one I don't know what for. Here it is. The point is that I was left with the desire to smoke a good blunt.

Hola, amantes de la cultura cannábica. Espero que estéis bien y que todo vaya perfecto por vuestros cultivos o por los de vuestros suministradores habituales.

Hace tiempo hice esta publicación en la que celebraba el 420 haciéndome un blunt. Lo que no dije en esa publicación es que no me lo pude terminar. Le di dos caladas y no pude más, aquello era infumable. Cuando abrí el envoltorio ya olía raro. Era un olor dulce y desagradable, pero cuando lo mojé para rularlo el sabor era peor. Lo encendí por el bien de la publicación y le di dos caladas. A continuación lo desarmé y me lo fumé con papel normal. Aún guardo la otra hoja, no se para que. Aquí está. La cuestión es que me quedé con las ganas de fumarme un buen blunt.


This year I planted some tobacco again. You can see it in this publication and this.

Este año planté otra vez algo de tabaco. Puedes verlo en esta publicación y en esta.

Some of the leaves I harvested, when they were already dry, I piled them with some weight on top. This is the result.

Algunas de las hojas que coseché, cuando ya estaban secas, las apilé con algo de peso encima. Este es el resultado.




With one of the levaes I rolled the blunt.

Con una de las hojas me lié el blunt.



I cut it to the size of the cigarette paper I usually use.

La recorté al tamaño del papel de fumar que utilizo habitualmente.


I cut the excess leaf very finely to mix it with the weed. When I roll them I always put some tobacco in them. If I want to consume weed alone, I use the vaporizer. Although it is not the habitual thing.

El sobrante de la hoja lo corté muy fino para mezclarlo con la hierba. Cuando me los lio siempre pongo algo de tabaco. Si quiero consumir hierba sola, utilizo el vaporizador. Aunque no es lo habitual.


The bud is also from this year's harvest. I do not know what variety it is. I am not worried about it either. I know it is predominantly sativa with a strong smell of lemon and pine. At least those are the smells that my damaged nose is able to capture clearly. The life in the city damages a lot the sense of smell.

El cogollo es también de la cosecha de este año. No se que variedad es. Tampoco me preocupa. Se que es de predominancia sativa y con un fuerte olor a limón y pino. Al menos eso son los olores que mi perjudicada nariz es capaz de captar claramente. La vida en la ciudad perjudica mucho el sentido del olfato.













This one I was able to finish it and enjoy it.

Este si que pude terminármelo y disfrutarlo.


Have a nice day.

Que tengas un buen día.


This is so awesome that you made it yourself!

I'm really impressed with your tobacco leaf work. I would love to try your tobacco leaves one day.

I've been behind on Hive missing your posts, but doing my best to get active again. Life get's crazy sometimes.

Thanks so much @futuremin. Don't worry dude. I haven't posted much lately either due to lack of time. All very crazy!

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