Cold weather is not favorable for plants

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How are you friends, I haven't uploaded a post to this community for a couple of weeks because I take care of my daughter for several hours while my girlfriend works and at the same time I have jobs that I do in "Wordpress" even so I took the trouble to germinate and plant the seeds that @jonyouder gave me but they grow very slowly due to the cold days and little sun.

Luckily for me, I have another plant in the ground in my backyard that is blooming very well, luckily it has already started to form a bud and I will not let it grow much to prevent the plant from spending too much energy.




thanks but with this weather it is difficult for plants to grow

SO which seeds did you end up putting in?

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Pues con frío y poco sol tienen buen aspecto las pequeñas y la otra se ve muy sana y fuerte.

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That's why you put it in a pot and drag it to the sun.

Looking good though!

it has so much sun light but we have temperatures of 15 or 10 degrees °C

Sounds like you need to put a little bit of a greenhouse up around them and maybe some jugs of water they will retain heat during the day and help balance out the extreme low.

Awesome job and this weather heats up you can take down the greenhouse until fall...