The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

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Hey folks

My names Jaybob,

I really started getting into splinterlands a few weeks ago and since then have explored my way around the hive and found you lovely people.

So whilst im waiting on my ecr% to go back up after getting whooped by bots all day, I'm going to come here and share my experiences growing autoflowers in my super budget not so stealthly micro grow. The timings pretty sweet i just started a new bean the other day.


This is my new friend, a purple lemonade auto
We met online at Fastbuds, She looked so nice i bought her twice, and they gave me a zkittlez too. but it'll have to wait, space is limited to 1 at a time.

I gave one a good bath in a cup of water for 24 hrs and tucked it in to its little peat pellet bed and 2 days later..


She needs a good name. If anyone can think of one let me know.

Anyway glad to make your acquaintances, Im new at all this blockchain and blogging stuff so if im doing something wrong or could be doing it better let me know.

Have a good one folks


At the same rate of $25 for this quick post, you'll have several grand by the time you harvest that thing!

I was not expecting this, this is crazy? what is going on

Had to make sure you know we value original cannabis content.

Nice. I just put two purple lemonades seeds into pots today. It will be cool to follow your grow. I got mine from fast buds as well.


I think we just became bud brothers


That's right! And man we just recently got a seed bank to accept Hive as a form of payment. So now you can blog for seeds, and play games for seeds too lol. @bifbeans

this is amazing!

Also here is a link to our discord


Take it one day at a time and take good care of it, it will treat you well in return. :) Good luck!

Welcome to weedcash
let's call her medusa. and let's hope she gets to make you stoned💪✌

Nice splinterlands is a great game, Love playing it

Nice little seedling you got,

You can use THIS POST to learn how to format your post even better, if you don't know markdown it is a great read

Yes, thank you! this is exactly what i need

The seed is a wonderful little thing full of so much potential. #Way2Grow

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