It's A Teen!

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At least a mini titan;)

What's up Weed Nerds? Finally found some motivation to get a post out, and I figured lets go back to my roots. A cannabis grow log update. For those just tuning in I used to grow full time, and at one point I had a full 4x4 tent full of flowering cannabis plants. Once when I was doing a perpetual grow, I had over 50 cuttings! I love cannabis, and like growing it even more. Last October we had our 3rd son, and I decided to take a hiatus from indoor growing to clear up space, and make room for the new baby. But last month I could not take it anymore, and decided to grow a plant outside. To at least cure my FOMO of not growing any herb.

The last update the plant looked like this. I was unsure about it due to the fact it started off as a runt. But I stuck with it, and kept giving it love, and care...

Then slowly it started to transform into a decent looking seedling. My pestimissim turned around, and I was feeling a lot better about it's future. However I am starting to thing that perhaps I mixed up my seed vials, and put a Photoperiod cannabis seed in the Auto Flower package.

In my experience with growing Autos, flowering has already started at this point. But I still do not want to take a chance, so I will treat it like an Auto.

I already explained that Autos do not like transplants. So it is best to start off your seed in the pot that it will finish in. Or you can do it like I did. Which was a Jiffy Pot, and just put the pot into the soil without worrying to take the root ball out. Another thing Autos do not respond well to is topping. So one way to work around this is to Super Crop.

I decided on just doing a pinch, and no bending. I may use a clip I got from @futuremind, and bend it back tonight.

Everything has been going smooth, with no issues. Except one morning I did notice some Mildew on the leaves. This looks like Powered Mildew, but I think this is from water droplets falling, and not drying in time. This is most likely due to the stagnant air I have when they are in the kitchen during the night.

But this is an easy fix! Luckily I still have all my goodies from when I was growing on a larger scale. This is Green Cleaner. Great stuff!

Cleaned it up nice, and good!

I am happy to report that as of today White Grape(fingers crossed it is) is no longer a seedling, and is a happy teen!

I really hope this is the strain I actually thing it is. The structure really does look similar to the White Grapes I grew before. One thing though is I fucked those up entirely. I transplanted, and at the time I sucked at Super Cropping. So it is possible they stressed, and induced into flowering sooner then they normally would. If this turns out to be a Photoperiod, I will just do light deprivation, since I will run out of sun before a Photo can finish. Hopefully I will know the answer soon. So stay tuned....


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She is looking super healthy. Hopefully it is an auto and not a regular that ends up being male.

Dude I was thinking the same exact thing the other day! The best one's always end up being male lol

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lol. Hopefully this one proves otherwise.

Looks like it will be a good plant! I'm glad it improved for ya!

Thanks! It is crazy to think how bad it started.

Plant is looking great

Thanks! It's starting to smell strong too

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Looks like you are a green thumb! Will wait for the updates once your plants successfully grow. 🍃

Thanks! I’m just letting it do its own thing and have not added much yet. Once I see signs of flowering I will add some top dressing.

Aww that's really cool. They said it's spiritual to grow plants 🍃🍃

hoping you will get some great buds

Thanks dude!

Very interesting. I think in Michigan we are allowed to have something like 12 plants a piece, but I have never even tried to grow anything. I tend to have a black thumb. I kill most things unless it is a vegetable. You should check out this podcast:

It was a good three part series and talks about the town where I work.

Cool I’ll give it a look. Thanks!

Good to see that seedling make a comeback, it's looking great.

Thanks dude! Putting that humidity dome on it really helped it out.

That White Grape is shaping up to be a fat one.
It's great to see you growing some weed again brother, great post!

Thanks man, it feels good. Hopefully I am able to go through the flower stage with no issues.