Should It Stay, Or Should It Go?

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What's up Weed Nerds? 8 days has now passed since my last update. I just had 1 of the 2 plants be ripped up my my son, and was left with 1. Unfortnaly that one just happened to be a runt. Something that seems to be common with my experience with AutoFlowers. I know they have come such a long way, and there are some great ones out there. But when comparing to Photoperiod cannabis the only reason why Autos would be better is the fact that they do not need 12 hours of darkness to switch to flower. This is great for a first time grower. Or if you want a quick turnaround. Maybe you live in an area where Winter comes early. Then an Auto would be something to consider. But if you want to grow the best of the best, I would recommend Photoperiod.

For me I an Auto is perfect due to the fact that the Sun coverage in my back porch sucks. I have tried to grow Photoperiod, and it has always done miserable. It will start to flower, then Reveg making for ugly plants, very prone to mold, and pests. This is something I do not have to worry about with Ruderalis cannabis. But will this runt amount to anything??


A few days ago I made the call to transfer the White Grape into a bigger pot. I took @davedickeyyall's advice, and cut the bottom of the Jiffy Pot. This is to allow the roots to easily grow out. Another reason is because Autoflowers do not like transplants! This is the biggest thing to remember if you are going to do an Auto. Either start one out like I did so you won't have to disrupt the roots, or start in the pot you plan for it to be in its whole cycle.

I really do like this Jiffy Pots. I probably did not have to cut out the bottom, but it's better to be sure, then not. I never liked to start my seedlings, or clones in big pots. Only because I have very little room, and have to use it wisely. If that means up potting a couple times, then so be it.

So the plan is the same as before. Keep out during the day under the Sun.

Then bringing in at night, and put under artificial light.

At least until it is bigger, and out of the seedling stage. Although all this may be a waste of time. It has been around 20 days, and this is where it is at. I just might have to stop being so cheap, and pick out some new seed. What do you think? Should I just let do its thing? Should I say F it, and buy some new Autos? Or maybe I should try to do a Photo, and just do light deprivation? I know if the other one was still alive it would be so far passed this stage, and I probably would have no problem at all getting rid of this one. All comments welcomed, good or bad.




That plant looks great for a seedling, I believe it will grow larger with that bigger container - a dome or plastic cover would be a big help for a couple or few weeks too I imagine :)




Great idea! I’m getting on that now…

I kill pretty much everything I try to grow, so I can't really give you much advice here. I have a bit of a black thumb to be honest. I just get lucky sometimes! I remember there was a year I had to use a paintbrush and hand pollinate most of my garden for it to even do anything!

Oh wow! Well that proves you have to self determination to grow something. Hard work and dedication is really what is about:)


I'd let it go to see if it does something but I'd also order some more just in case you need to start more! I looks good in the close up though!

Good idea! Because my window to grow is a short one. I better act fast before it’s to late

If you plan on growing it outside, I would say just to keep growing it and see what happens. I don’t think I am going to go back to autos anytime soon. Photos are the way to go.

Yeah man I totally fell you. They have there place in the world, but Photos are tried and true💪

In and out of the pot every day for that bonsai? mmmm maybe I would order more seeds.

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Yeah I’ll get some once payday comes around. I would use a hive, but I would fell so dirty since it’s so low. Although I have to sell some anyways tk put some food on the table. But that is something entirely different.

In that case I would try regulars again. The latitude here is about the same as in San Francisco (which means the same hours of sunshine). Here, it is not until early March that the ones I plant in September or October start to re-vegetate. From the end of August to the beginning of March or so is the flowering period for them in outdoor. They should not have to re-vegetate you. They would produce less dense and smaller buds because they do not receive much direct light but they would not re-vegetate.

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only thing is my apartment building blocks the sun for part of the day