Tent Update: The Half Way Point...

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What's good Weed Nerds? So it has been 8 days since my last update, and I am still happy on how this round of grow is going. However the Knights Templar has been showing some signs of Potassium deficiency. But overall, at the 33 day mark things are looking good, and the smell is starting to stank! One more thing before I head into the tent, I just heard that this years Hive Fest is going to be in Amsterdam! How cool would that be. Anyone who is going from the cannabis community besides @loonatic, let me know:)

Chile Verde


Larrys Breath

Loving the structure of this plant, but tbh how often is it you hate a structure of a cannabis plant? lol But yeah some maybe might stretch a bit to much for indoors, or maybe the buds are just to tight, and your area is high in humidity? It happens. This Larrys Breath is nice, and fairly bushy(due to the Supper Cropping). This is the only one I have not got a good whiff of, but the Cannabinoids are starting to pack on!

A close up of a Larrys Breath cola


Dosi Sherbert

This is my 3 Gallon Contender for the Grow Challenge, and perhaps the most healthy one out of the bunch. This one has that vanilla gas funk to it, making you think of a dessert automatically when you put your nose to the top of the sticky cola. I can not wait to see it develop more! With it being at the half way mark, it sure does smell enticing already ;)

A close up of a Dosi Sherbert cola


Knights Templar Og

So you can see this one is wanted more K then the others. Also Ca, Mg. Which OG's require a lot of. I hit last night with a PK booster, along with a 2-0-0 Cal/Mag Plus. I will water with just a small dose of Cal/Mag, and then hit again with the PK, or perhaps just throw down some more top dressing. Even though it is the least appealing one out of the bunch, I am loving all this cola sites! I probably should of just 'Lollipoped' all the up to the top sites. This one at the half way mark is smelling very earthy.

A close up of the Knights Templar OG


Chili Verde

Then last, but no least we have the Chili Verde! The one I wish I would of chosen for the Grow Challenge. Its a beast for being an indoor tent grown plant in a 3 gallon container. The aromas are sweet, and earthy. Defiantly a change of pace on what I have been smoking on for the past few months, even perhaps the past year.

A close up of a Chili Verde cola


Well that is what is going on in my tent. I did have a Gnat issue, that was getting to get a little out of hand, so I sprayed the top layer of the soil with Green Cleaner. I have also put down more sticky traps to get the population under control. I do think I am going to apply some more top dressing, since the buds are requiring more food. But like I said earlier I am quite happy with the way things are going. The PM is also under control, but I will put out the Knights Templar to inspect it under natural light. You never can be to sure. This is why I am hesitant on installing a Trellis. I like to pull the plants out if needed. So stay tuned my friends. Have a great rest of your week!





representing weedcash in amsterdam 💯💪

And canna-curate bro!

bro i dont know how you made it but your plants always looks so alives :D

Thanks so much bro!

Chili Verde now that's a plant I want to try. Wonder how clones would cross the border...

I always thought blurple was the worst for looking at plants but HID is no better. So yellow lol.

Plants all look pretty good though that's for sure.

There is actually a thing you can ship clones in! It even has a light I believe. I’ve seen people overnight cuts, then the person receiving the cut roots it. It’s possible, but our luck it will be held up pay custom’s for weeks lol

Looking fantastic brother,
I think the Dosi Sherbert is my fav out of the bunch, but it's damn hard to pick a fav because they are all amazing.
Can't wait to see them develop more :)

Thanks man! Same here, I think mine is the chili verde because it’s so easy to grow ;)

Lovely!! ❤️


Looking good man. You’ve got some strains I’ve never even heard of. I am going to Vegas next month and may hit up the dispensary there and get a few different strains to try out.

Nice! Maybe even get some seeds if yihh uv see anything interesting

That would be cool, but I dont think they sell seeds there.

You know what your right. Las Vegas has one of the worst laws on the books when it comes to cultivating. You can only grow if a club is 60 miles away from your home. So that rules out legal growing in the city limits

Thats weird, I have seen a lot of people growing in the city.

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