Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese Week 2

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Hi All,

Things are moving along fast and furious in the grow. Check-Out the clip.

It's end of week 2 in the grow...

The Banana Punch Mac and Cheese is killing it. The branches a very think and the buds are huge for this stage. I have not yet picked my contender for the weekcah challenge. I have 4 and it's down to 2. I will pick once I get them out for defoliation.

The Runtz are looking healthy....

Speaking of the Runtz...

I am days away from harvest, checking for issues daily. Don't want to screw things-up. I will do a harvest post in the next few days.

Thanks, bye!

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Looking great man, that's a solid rotation you have going and they all look amazing, both the early flower and harvest ready tent. I'm rooting for you to exceed your expectations and goals and hopefully you get more than a pound :)

Thanks bro. I hope so too....

I like what you got going on too. Keep it up.

Nice pictures.
Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks bro

She's puurrdy....
looks alot like my apple fritter x sour d

nice work

Thank you bro. Love your grow as well.

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Oh ok. I wondered if you sprayed white in tent, I recall seeing you do you before but didn’t pay attention. Looking good man!

I meant your foilor spray. I always take plants out of tent to spray in shower, and wondered how you did it.

Oh ok, yea....I just let them have

I always take plants out of tent to spray in shower

I used to do that with my strawberry plants, lol.