Light Bleaching - Cannabis Part 2

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Jungle Boyz, LA Kush Cake: Light Bleaching-Part 2

03/17/2022; Wednesday, 1:45 P.M. Los Angeles, CA @lacausa #weedcash

So, last week My cause light bleaching, turning the tops white. I quickly made the necessary adjustments and was rewarded with pink tops. Enjoy, I love growing!

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Smells like cake, thanks.

It took me a while before I stopped getting attached to that bottom growth. I still catch myself keeping it thinking it will amount to something lol Proud of you man, you have made big strides in the short amount of time since you started posting under Lacausa.

Thanks bro

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dude, your product is beyond! I love to try this as fuck.

Thank you, I wish I can share.

I see your amber trichs there, coming in now. Not ready yet though!
As for the bleaching. What's going on from the plant perspective is a lack of chlorophyll in those spots, leading to a pale colour instead of green. It's a bit like purpling, which is the death of chlorophyll due to lower temps and/or genetics. Some people want that purple, but don't realize they are sacrificing the plant's photosynthesis (sugar generation) to get that colour. It's funny to me they are very similar from the perspective of the plant, but many growers hate bleaching but love purpling. Myself I try and avoid both.
Your flowers are very pretty here though, and lots of yield! You will remember this particular crop for all time, I bet. Enjoy :D

Beautiful looking buds mate. Well done.. Thats a healthy crop👍👌😁

Thanks, appreciate it.

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