Water Soluble THC in Ice Tea

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Today I sampled Water Soluble THC in Iced Tea. To my surprise nearly all of the Maltodextrin based Water Soluble THC absorbed into the Iced Tea. The taste was essentially unaltered, although I am a daily smoker, I am curious if others would noticed this in their iced tea if not warned. Definitely retained the drinks normal flavor unlike the Water & Coffee reviews I did earlier this week. The temperature was still cold, but perhaps not as cold as the filtered water which did no absorb the entire gram of WS-THC.

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What Was Used

All items used in this review.

  • 1 gram Maltodextrin infused with THC
  • 450ml of Iced Tea, ingredients listed above
  • Spoon
  • Infrared Thermometer


BitTube Video of Mixing (with commentary) : https://hiveurl.com/dnyH1zQ
LBRY : Coming Soon
BitChute : Coming Soon

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Stay tuned for more Water Soluble THC updates, we have already covered Water, Coffee, & Iced Tea. You will have to come back tomorrow to see what we mix this magic powder with next! Feel free to drop a comment and please dont forget to up-vote & re-blog this content!


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How was the feeling after you tasted it, was it a noticeable hit to the face or did the buzz gradually creep up on you?

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Sadly it is very casual, I personally love cannabis and smoke it alot so I wanted that face melted feeling after a big bong rip.

It is comparable to a beer. I tried to socialize with my friend and was loose track of the topic as if I was drunk. Its uncommon for me to want to jump topics sober but my ADD is very present when I drink. So I found that odd that water soluble THC might have even placebo effected me, maybe it was all up in ny head?

Thats why I made a bunch of posts, I missed yesterday because of personal life problems but have 3 more videos and drinks to test.

A soft rum was in demand it seems, so I might need to get some JD out and make sure to stay off the political forums after I touch that lol

Oh, alright, maybe you would need more taste testers? lol
I do appreciate the scientific research. :pp

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redbull of colla next?

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I am in a deep debate about that with the lady, I obviously need to do a carbonated drink but only want to do 1 carbonated drink.

In theory a Pellegrino would be the best click bait that most people could relate to cause everyone has tried Bubbly Water right?

lol I was joking debating doing it in Lean, but I would be so fucked up off the lean I wouldn't know if I was high on THC lol

You got me thinking of doing a liquor, Whiskey or Tequila would be a good option because Vodka doesn't have a distinct enough flavor to judge the flavor change on.

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try a nic e soft rum