When I was younger I always thought Hemp products where something that might get you stoned, lol But really just shows you how versatile this plant is, and anyone can enjoy its benefits, without ever lighting anything up!

BTW Survival is my favorite Bob album!

@canna-curate so many urban legend about it right? When i was younger i was told that if i mix alcohol + weed consumption i will die. But im not, all i did then was munch on some !PIZZA 🍕

There a lot of Bob Marley faves its just soothing and relaxing music. everytime it feels like im in the beach!

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You should see hemp in bioremediation of mining areas UwU it kind of becomes a side business for mining companies. It's surprising that they use it for oil spills now because I mostly remember them using this for iron and copper bioremediation projects

Yea the fact is thats out of my control. As always I'm hopeful for the best, expect for the worst. Which worst most of the time is the best for the mass. Like sheeps have to be safe and follow the norms. It is what it is. So yea im just watchin things happen afar. And do my thing as always 😈

friend of mas de bien your excellent publication my congratulations of truth to my I like to smoke it but here in my country it is not sold as in other countries well natural here they bind it for that reason I have my own mata but it is good to know that of the shampoo I would like very much to know more of this topic and I would like to share it from venezuela supporting much the community of hive many topics of mas de buenos.

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thanks mate, i wouldn't say for noobs just sending out a different perspective to the mass.

i wouldn't say I don't, but i don't think i consume as much as the average person from where I live (with your sugar question), Eating organic is an expense from where im from, but that would be ideal, im ectomorph so i pretty much can eat whatev and whenev, but I try to eat healthy as much as I can, with water im not really sure, doesnt matter for me as long as its clean i guess?

i honestly just read about it the last time i looked in to hemp it was more about biofuel. im glad that there is such now, it maybe legal in your area, from where i am, its still a controversial topic and i just hope people my government realize the benefits and practical and medical uses of it. if by chance they do, thats good enough, not everyone here can afford medical expenses.

I get what you're getting at 100% I feel the same sentiment, But I understand the world has been polluted for so long, the sleeper will wake up in there own time, thats one thing I can tell you, there is a different approach on this, i understand, i make my move, and we all have our different ways, it just have to be consistent, it just has to be done. Too many Mr. Anderson in this world and thats just that. Change is the only constant thing in the world, sooner or later it will happen, and im not worried. cheers bro! have the best of all worlds!