WeedCash Governance and Road Map Update

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Short Term Road Map

  1. Migration from Steem to Hive
  2. dCity Integration
  3. weedcash.store
  4. Launch Witness Node
  5. EOS Token
  6. Decentralize Governance
  7. wWEED ETH token
  8. WEED NFTs

Up until now decisions have mainly been made by @jonyoudyer, @thelogicaldude, and myself @richardcrill. To cross off the next item on our to-do list, we will soon invite all stakeholders to get involved in governance through a new proposal and voting system powered by @taskmanager's and the Archon Tribe's bot on Discord - The Governator

This account will be governed by the WeedCash stake holders. All funds generated by this account will go towards the development of the WeedCash network. The next post will detail how this account will be used to begin decentralizing the governance of the WeedCash Tribe.


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Very excited for wWeed. That will definitely propel the community upwards.
And kudos on giving all stakeholders a say in the matter! 👊

I love the principle of Archon governance and it will be nice to see in weed also.

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Really glad to be apart of this!!! Really excited about the growth and development of Weedcash! Promoting this post with 10 WEED

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What exactly are NFT's? Also how will it be used?

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Great question @esecholo! Non-Fungible Tokens are just tokens that aren't interchangeable which allows for lots of interesting possibilities. We have had some very interesting discussions with developers in regard to making unique NFTs. Sorry, don't want to say too much yet, but we will be discussing that much more when we get there. The next post will be about the proposal and voting system. After that, detailed proposals will be made for wWEED and then NFTs.

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Damn I recall hearing about making these hive engine tribes decentralized, and never had a clue how it would be done. This is amazing news, and the hardworking team at hive engine is tearing shit up!

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This is my best token on the hive-engine and I am buying more of it tonight.

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I don't have many tokens, but WEED is definitely one that I will support for a long time!

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No doubt!!
Actually it's one way you can build a stable income stream on give & in life 💯
Why lie?

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The HE team is definitely tearing it up, but it's the Archon team (which is basically @taskmanager I think) that is responsible for The Governator - https://peakd.com/hive-177956/@archonapp/archon-governance-petitions-proposals-gp-and-the-governator

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Great work @taskmanager!

This is pretty epic news, it seems not as many other tokens are taking the initiative.
WEED is doing some great things...

Imagine someday using WEED to help support people who were abused by the legal system.

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With value who knows! I think the first start of weed would be for the cannabis community and industry move over to the network. Then the sky would be the limit!


Good Progress on Weedcash Governance.
I am proud and super humbled of being a part of the weedcash networkers and I am looking forward to building better with all the team members towards achieving GREATNESS.

An extra special vote of thanks to the admin @richardcrill & his team for seeing us through all this developments going on the weedcash network.

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If allowing voting makes something decentralized, then the USA (and world) is already decentralized. I think there has to be more than just allowing individuals a chance to vote on something.

This post appears to be about weedcash governance but does not give any information about that topic, other than information will be coming soon in a different post.

What serious investors might want to hear is how weedcash isn't just a token that somebody made millions of copies of and is seeking to sell at 10000 times the price they paid to create them from thin air.

Who is the mystery seller with millions of tokens, currently selling off huge blocks of them to people reading these progress announcements (advertisements)? That is the only market maker and the only person who matters.

It's no mystery. The @weedcash account is selling WEED tokens as outlined in the whitepaper - https://weedcash.network/cannabis/@coffeebuds/weedcash-network-white-paper All transactions are visible on the blockchain. Any funds generated from the sell of WEED and WEED miners has gone back into the project. Look into it. I have no plans to take any profits to USD ever. I have done this as a hobby that has ended up taking more time than I ever imagined because the community has run with it. I have a full time job and I do this for fun, lol

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I have read about the WEED tokens that you could earn through dCity, but I was not aware there was a community associated with it. I guess since I haven't earned any WEED tokens in the game yet, it just hasn't come up (but it makes total sense)...interesting.

Excelente noticias para este token