Afritunes week 97/∆\ FOREVER YOURS covered by Chidistickz FT sampraise77

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Hello everyone 🖐️

Its nice to have you in my blog

He'll afritunes community, I'm here again people, I s feel good to be here today burning 🥵 in the fire of African music haha, hope you all are doing great, well I can see that from some amazing entries, someone like @ovey10 is glowing oh, I de beg am to show me update since, what about my boss @jesus-son, I de your dm, show me update abeg, at least make I fresh like una hehe, and not to talk about my humble minister @wallay, this one I de follow am small small make him no vex, na my boss be that 😎, speaking people that can sing see guys like @oluwadrey and @jessicaossom, una go mentor me oh, I go de your dm.

Ok back to what I have for today, I visited a friend @sampraise77 and I decided to make a video with and also to encourage him, he has so much when it comes to talent and he has been my my good friend for long, I sang and as usual he played his guitar, I sang a song originally by KEASTRINGS, the title is FOREVER YOURS, I remember I did a cover of this song before, but now I'm doing it in a different way than the.way I did it before.

Speaking of God's love, it's something we all know about, it's a special kind of love that when poured on you, you'd really wish to remain there forever, that's why the song writer titled the song forever yours, when you experience God's love you would always want to remain in that atmosphere because it's a beautiful and lovely experience, giving God our everything is a way of loving him back because he gave his most valuable which is his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

Incase you still want to learn about the song, check it out here, thanks for coming around guys, I hope you enjoyed the video
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Chidi, I am in you dm too so you can teach me to sing so well too...Maybe I have listened to the acapella before but I can't remember now....This cover with the acoustic guitar is really nice, well done.
The guy playing the guitar was calm all through and he played so well. I also enjoyed listening as you sang. You have a great voice.

I have a great voice, but you have a greater voice aunty haha 😆
Thanks for coming around

Ahan.. you ki!!ed this presentation bro. And, kudos to the guitarist behind you haha. Nah to find one for me like this too. Glad I got a chance to listen to you sing again

Thanks boss

Saludos, hermano, me gustó mucho tu interpretación de esta bella canción. Tuviste un excelente acompañamiento instrumental. Felicito a ambos por el trabajo realizado. "En la unión está la fuerza" Mil bendiciones.

Greetings, bro , I really liked your interpretation of this beautiful song. You had excellent instrumental accompaniment. I congratulate both of you for the work you have done. "There is strength in unity" A thousand blessings.

Thanks my friend
I appreciate

So as e b now who go show who way now, hehe. Me wey dey find way since d way d run for me and d people wey I don beg to show me sef dey putuse me.
Well, we go dey find way dey go. Nice entry. @sampraise77 dey try wella

You de win me ne

Nice entry bro. Thanks for the entry.
Kudos to the guitarist as well, you both did a wonderful work

That was awesome.
You guys nailed it. ✊🏽

Thanks boss

One love bro❣️

Always doing great. More grace to you

This is top-notch, pure masterpiece and a great presentation.

Thanks boss

 3 months ago  

Great Collabo..
The both of you formed a perfect symphony as always man..
We never de glow yet oo:)))
Thank You For Sharing This With Us @chidistickz

This is Really a beautiful presentation, from @sampraise77 Amazing Guitar playing to Your Ever Beautiful Singing, So perfect and Superb, I totally loved it❤️

This is really amazing my guy ,you sing nicely ,I love your style too.

Yes dear he gave us New life for free. What a wonderful God we serve.
Thanks for sharing

The main bosses that get doing, you guys gave out a lovely, harmonious entry here. keep it up my two bosses tell your guitar man that his boy remains loyal. well done gentlemen

You have a nice voice and the way he played the guitar was just so calm and soothing.... Great job you two

What a sweet voice. Is as if I should keep listening due you just made download the song. Great one sir