Mafikizolo.. Wizkid.. Brymo #ttt

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Welcome to this week's Three Tune Tuesday, I trust you are well.



Glad for the the #ttt initiated by @ablaze as I will be sharing three songs with you.

Tchlete by Davido ft Mafikizolo.

I am not in for too much talk, as I want to begin this edition with a danceable song.

Davido is a Nigerian Afro-pop artist who collaborated with Mafikizolo, what does the name mean?

Well, understanding lace to know.😄 But if you know, I don't mind understanding and even the meaning of the Tchlete.

I love how this Davido spiced up the song with the Yoruba Dialect, It kinkindought the song some good energy and of course, the Mafizikolo voice made the song so sweet.

Love my baby #Wizkid.

I am not a huge fan of Wizkid, but this song is ever-green when Wizkid was still young in the music industry and humble to a fault.

This song is my only favourite song I could ever play from Wizkid's album.

His songs were quite calm then and he had meaningful lyrics, Unlike the rest songs he releases now, I do not enjoy them.

Ara by #Byrmo

I love Brymon for his unique style of singing, his voice and always meaningful lyrics.

One thing I admire about him is his use of the Yoruba dialect in all his songs.

Brymo hasn't been singing lately and I do not know why.

I hope to hear him drop a new song anytime soon.

Thank you for listening.

All songs were gotten from #Youtube.


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Hehehe even if I don't remember that davido song that Wizkid and brymo song still dey my head 😃
I think I can still sing 90% of the song.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you so much, I am very sorry for the late reply, I was a bit under the weather.