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Great Hiveans and my amazing Afri-tunes people. I present to you a song of praise and acknowledgement of How God has been pampering me o.

My song presentation for this week's entry is a song that describes how God always holds our hands despite we falling His Hands.


Song by Moses Bliss

Even when I fall your hand
You still dey hold my hand
Lover of my soul, You nor dey break my heart
I’ll sing about your mercy
I’ll sing about your grace
Na u dey burst my brain
Every night and day

Daddy wey dey pamper
Daddy wey Dey bless
Forever you’re my father
Na u dey give me rest
When I look around
I see your faithfulness
I’ll bow down on my knees
Cos na u wey be the best

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
I’ll bow down on my knees
Cos na u wey be the best

Daddy wey dey pamper
Daddy wey Dey bless
Forever you’re my father
Na u dey give me rest
When I look around
I see your faithfulness
I’ll bow down on my knees
Cos na u wey be the best

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The reason for choosing this song for this week is by pondering on my journey so far in life, my past and present, reflecting on Gods leading so far, and coming to the conclusion, it has been Him all the way, if not for His leading, I will not be doing what I am doing, or be where I am.

I want to appreciate @ksam, @starstrings01, and @obaro of this community for this initiative for us to celebrate our African culture on Hive.
And my friends @onos-f, @magicfingerz, and @eugenia7499, and others who have always been supporting me through votes, comments and all. I love and appreciate you all.


I trust this song will encourage you to appreciate God for always being there for you.

Do sit back and enjoy this piece.

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Kai! I too love this song! I saw the love version and it was super moving!!
You sef come oppress us with your vocals!
Wehdone dear @marybello

Thank you so much @magicfingerz. I no oppress o abeg. I still be learner

Love version???
Like dem use Christian song toast babe???

Some people want make Oluwa wipe them Oraimo cord bayi

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Thank you so much @indiaunited

Chaii, this your voice dey give me goosebumps, it's angelic 🥰🥰😍.
Our God is always there for us in the midst of our challenges.. that's why I'll forever bless his name.
Lovely choice of song, I enjoy every bit of it..

Thank you so much, dear,

I am indeed grateful.

Let me say this is my best song for now, "daddy wey dey pamper" I fell in love with the song just like that lol... And am glad you present it so well too with your amazing voice, you're doing well dear friend. Kudos 👍

@sholex94. Thanks for always supporting and commenting. I am so grateful

Seriously, you people have made me fall in love with this song... in all honesty

The first time I heard this song was when @sholex94 presented it on Afri-tunes last week. I so much loved it and it really got my attention when I heard the song's melody as well as its wonderful lyrics.

But here, you've taken this song to another level.

If calling a voice angelic were an understatement, I'd say your voice deserves that rare privilege.

Your voice is just too sweet and wonderful 💕


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Wow, I am blushing hard o, and to think I was so weak that night, and was not sure the song was a good choice.

Thank you so much dear. Your words are so encouraging. Love you bunch


This is so lovely. Mary this your voice eh. Chai 😍😘❤️

Na everywhere you go dey dash kiss upandan
Na wa oooo

Lol. You are funny

Thanks a lot dear. I appreciate the comment

You see this particular song ehn.... I've been wanting to do the cover, but I have not been able to totally score it due to laziness one kind one kind.
But as I came across this post of yours, I have gotten the urge to score the song again.
In conclusion, this post of yours is well done and delivered ( the musical aspect).

Thank you so much, my boss. I am so grateful for the kind words.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you for your support @marybello, really appreciate it! 👍

You are most welcome

Awwn is the pamper part for me? The riffs sounded so beautiful and I love how calm you presented the song. Your cover is the best I've heard so far, keep up the good work dear.

Thanks you so much dear for the sweet comment.