WorkLife highlights for the week 5th October

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It's fair to say The WorkLife Community has come a long way since it was formally launched less than 2 weeks ago. The progress and support from everyone have been amazing and currently, we have 161 subscribers, and 153 active users. We set out to make the community an active and fun place, and so far with everyone's contribution, I think we're doing pretty well. There is a good amount of engagement on most of the posts, let's see if we can do even better as we grow our community!

We hosted our first Working Wednesday Writeup (wWw) last week. These are writing prompts if you can't think of what topic to write about in the community. Of course, you're also welcome to write about anything as long as it's related to your personal WorkLife, and it adheres to our community guidelines.


That's you guys and girls!!!!

We're still a small growing community and finding our feet on Hive, but our team has a passion to support users in any way we can. One way is to highlight some of our favourite content creators and their WorkLife posts every week so they get more exposure and recognition.

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Many of us have been to art museums, but have we ever thought about the process of hanging the art? @anttn is a professional art hanger often hanging pieces worth millions if not more.

Having spent three years working on a project and living on site with colleagues during covid, @intoy.bugo finally signed off for the last time. Read about his last day at work and a review of those three years.

We love listening to you and what you do for a living especially when it's an unusual line of work. How about Polysomnography? @captainquack22 gives us an insight into what happens in his sleep lab.


Sometimes it takes a while to find what you really love to do for a living. After doing various jobs, @julianee finally discovers her passion for teaching art. It may not be the most financially rewarding, but it certainly is rewarding on all other fronts.

It's tough to stay in a job where you are overworked and underpaid unless you have a passion for it. @callmesmile tells us why she does it and what she has learnt to keep her going.


The WorkLife Community still trying to work out how we grow the community and what sort of events we will run. So far, we've hosted the first Working Wednesday Writeup wWw , and we plan to do a weekly highlight of our favourite posts to give authors a bit more support. In addition, we'd love to see more engagement, activity, originality and passion in the community. All these could potentially you to get more support from the team. Last and not the least, if you haven't followed WorkLife yet, please hit the follow button now!!

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W.L is doing very good. People are sharing the work life experiences.When I joined two week ago it was just 49 and we we have 161members;pretty impressive.I'll be more active a week later, exam ahead.

Yes, we've grown steadily in the past couple of weeks thanks to everyone's support. Need to drum up more activity now

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Congratulations, you are growing by leaps and bounds, that's great. Excellent post! polysomnography I had never heard of it, every day you learn something new.

That's the great thing about Hive, and the reason we created this community, so we can learn more about each other and new things

Grateful for the support received.

Thanks for sharing your WorkLife experience with us, hope your new found career will bring a lot more joy both to yourself and those you teach

Congratulations @hive-195880 ! What a good start! 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you so much for the acknowledgement and the support of our write-ups. Blessing #WorklifeCommunity! ☺️

Congratulations and keep the community growing. I think it's great to come and post your work anecdotes.

Congratulations to the winners!

Good to have you join us @gertu

Thanks, thank you very much.