DAY #9: Can I get a job as an aspiring "disciplined" copywriter for 30 days?

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Today is the ninth day of my copywriting session, and I'm pleased to hear that my anticipated results are coming through as expected. It's evident that some of my classmates and friends enjoyed their vacations at the beach, resorts, or recreation activities. However, all I did was lay on my bed if I was feeling achy and write sales copy if it's already my schedule. It's sad to hear that we haven't been able to unwind and all I can do is see them enjoying their moments happily. Of course, I didn't get jealous because I finally got my replacement for my soaked phone and also earned ₱1,800.00 from my generous aunt. Overall, I still find the world fair.

Through the past few weeks of being an aspiring copywriter, here are the things I've accomplished so far.

Creating Reviewers from the Previous Lessons


Since I almost forgot the other lessons I learned last year, I decided to compile a list of reviewers. The lessons included in my review are the following:

  • Introduction to copywriting
  • Writing headlines and openings
  • Tips on how to make your copy persuasive
  • 30 copywriting secrets
  • Writing landing pages and online product pages
  • Writing B2B emails

I don't find it challenging because the course I bought also included a PDF. This offer made my work easier. Yes, doing this still takes most of my time but this approach allowed me to absorb all his ideas and suggestions effectively. I even bought a binder notebook and wrote it like we had an upcoming exam to make it easier for me to remember. Since I presently find it difficult to comprehend landing pages and online product descriptions due to my lack of SEO knowledge, I decided to skip it. Regardless, I still want to learn how to be an SEO expert.

Learning the basics


Einstein once said, "The only source of knowledge is experience." Therefore, aside from memorizing the concept, I also created a prompt for practicing on writing the basics. Yes, I started from the fundamentals like distinguishing the features and benefits, how to conduct competitor analysis, and writing headlines and openings. Then, after I finish this blog, I'm planning to apply the things I have learned from start to finish. That's how the cycle of my life works.

Creating a schedule


I don't know who said it, but he claimed motivation was underrated. The most effective way to achieve your goals is discipline. I created this schedule based on my previous behaviors and interruptions. Typically, I am productive for 90 minutes and then my body wants to take a short break for 30 minutes. After that break, I'll pull off my creative juices for an hour and the next long break serves as time to charge my laptop and my other obligations. I am able to do more and enjoy more moments in my life with it, especially since I am able to set my own schedule.

This is the last post up of this blog. For the next few days, I will update my progress. See you soon!