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Why is this Community Created?

WorkLife is about Showing "Humanity" by Sharing our own Work Experiences :
"Humanity" is the human race, which includes everyone on Earth. It’s also a word for the qualities that make us human, such as the ability to love and have compassion, be creative, and not be a robot or alien. When it's your job to produce your best every single day, it can feel like you're expected to work like a machine. We all been there, So why not tell us about what you do?
"Humanity" Definition Websource

WorkLife is about Finding Purpose and Meaning while Engaging with our Work :
While it does not much matter what gives you purpose, it does matter that you find it somewhere. So why not tell us a story about something that happened at your job?

WorkLife is ALL about Having Fun in our Community :
In the end really, its all about sharing each others work experiences. Relax, Enjoy, and have a Blast.

An Idea to get you starting is that you don't need to begin and end your entire work journey in one blog post. Why not separete them in different chapters? If someone like your read then you will have some fans waiting for your follow up. Thus creating some real engagement both actively and passively. People will want to know more and you will want to show more! So get creative everyones WorkLife Journey is completely unique and no two will ever be the same.

So whats your story?

“It is not really work if you are having fun.”

Pierre Omidyar

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Posting Recommendations

  • Share ONLY Work Related Experiences.
    Anything that is not work related will be muted

  • Everyone Here WANTS to Know WHAT You Do.
    So be Proud to share your Work Related Experiences with us. Afterall, Work is a big part of our life and why not post and share to the Hive community about it? Its what our community does best.

  • DON'T JUST COMPLAIN about Your Work the Entire Blog.
    This is NOT a place to post about how sucks your job is and how much you want to quit. That is complaining. If your going to just Rant and Complain about your work the entire post then there is a perfect community just waiting for you. C/Rant, Complain, Talk - Click the Link and post there.

  • Be TRUE to Yourself and OPEN Minded.
    There is no such thing as always a happy work place 24/7. Everyone's work experience has a combination of some good and bad times. Be a little more honest about yourself and Be Open, Be Free.

  • NO ONE is here to JUDGE ANYONE. Work is Work, and That's It.
    What did/do/will you do for a Living? What do good days and bad days look like from your job? Can you remember any Funny Memories you had while on the job? What did you Like and Hate about your Work? Try to get comfortable telling us your story... As if its Show and Tell Time.

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Basic Rules & Guidelines

  • Bilingual OK! All content and comments still must have English to promote engagement with the rest of the community. (New Rule 09/27/2022)
  • Be creative with your content, no low effort post.
  • Original content only, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism and abuse.
  • We welcome personal Work Life related stories, please don't write about the history of an industry or company unless you were personally involved in the development.
  • ONE post about your boring daily life at work is insight, posting about it again is spam.
  • Respect company confidentiality, don't disclose sensitive or proprietary information
  • Engage with others in the community could get you more support.
  • Have fun in our community, its all about sharing each others work experiences.

WorkLife Community

Curated by @livinguktaiwan
Created by @whangster79
Moderated by @solominer

All stock images are licensed under my business and cannot be reused. If in question of authenticity please contact me @whangster79 to provide documentation of image licenses from Adobe Stock Images.


Let's get the ball rolling!!!

Boom~ Launched. :)

Great introductory post for the community, man. I hope everything goes well for your community or I should say our community because I want to play an active role in this community. As soon as I'm ready to write a post about my work life, I will do that.

Yo incublus~ Thanks for your comment bro, and I would love to have someone like you who can proactively commit in this together. The more engagement we can create the better the entire Hive community will be. I would like to also read about your WorkLife in your country. So much things to know about... so little time. :)

Some of my friends living in Turkey have already started to post in this community. I hope there will be more to come. I will try to do my best for this community. Set Da Tone!

Set Dat Tone! Gimmi Dat! :)

By the way... Set Da Tone~~
Came from here. hahaha.

hahahahha that was too fun man. I've never seen something more funny than that but I feel sorry for that little child at the same time 🤣 Set Da Tone!

We manage the community, but we really want everyone to be active and be part of it. Great to see you jump on board!

Very excited this! Great job putting the community together.

Thanks! Inspiration from the Hive community and worked it out with a legendary Hiver. Now we have another reason why people should join the Hive platform.

I am happy to contribute to our community. Lets keep it growing. Cheers.

Thanks @blind-spot, hopefully you will have some time to share your WorkLife stories with us

I'm thrilled to have a community where we can share any of our work experiences.💕
And believe me, I'm most happy to see you as admin here.✨

But woefully I don't work anywhere now so, I don't have anything to share but as soon as I get both the experience and material I will definitely share here because it will be a proud moment for me to share my experience.


We host weekly Working Wednesday Writeup, the first one was just issued yesterday, and we have something for your to share even though you're not working now. Check it out!!

Ohh cool, I check it now....

Great community idea! It will be fun to read the posts here.

Thanks for your support @melinda010100, we hope this will be a fun place for people to share their WorkLife related content here

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A real good idea for a community
There is just one point I am not really a fan of excluding bilingual posts as I mostly write german/english. I know "one language posts" are easier to read and look much better. But as long as hive finds no other solution for this problem, the bilingual should be accepted to give also non english speaking people the chance to participate.
:-) just my thoughts

You know, I haven't really thoughy of it that way. and thanks for the comment. I wanted the posts to be a universal english language format so everyone can just read it as one. However, Let me rethink this proposition and get back to you by tonight. Thanks!

Hi @beeber ~
Community rule changed to Bilingual OK. Effective now~ You are right we should give also non English speakers the chance. The only one I would like to request is to add the English translation. so I can read it. hahahaha.😂

Thanks for your comment and input @beeber and we really appreciate the feedback!

Yay! 🤗
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Can’t wait to share exciting work experiences here. There isn’t any community like this.

We think there's definitely gap here as we all have different and interesting, and hopefully fun WorkLife experiences. Look forward to read yours.

Congratulations, I predict success, I'm sure you will publish interesting stories here. I really like that they don't accept complaints and that it's about the positive. Work is work, I loved that, we must value all kinds of work and that we never miss.

Yes , indeed. :)
We are so intertwined with work and life I don't see why we should not be sharing more about what we do in the Hive platform. I think it might create some new connections for people with similar professions as well as understand something once never knew. :)
Thank you

We hope you can join us and be part of the community success and look forward to your contribution sometime. Why not check out our lates Working Wednesday Writeup?

Thank you very much for the invitation. I will read it. Yes, I hope to participate in the community soon

Here is the community you told me about, it is time to make a post. This is a great initiative.

Hey George ~ Yup this is it! It took some time but with the support of the main team we were able to pull it off.

and i would love to know about your finishing business you mentioned earlier. thanks!

Thanks @george-dee, we look forward to reading your WorkLife story sometime

Hello whangster

A guide line is good for any community.I also thinking about it. I have seen,in cumunity description page some were added.The guideline you mentioned here is cool.I have seen many people are sharing their work experiences. let's see when I come up with my next one🤓🤓

Because the community is new I think there needs to be some work posts to show an example of what people can go by. A kick starter to spark up some idea. Hope for the best!!

Yeah it's good. It is working. I too was thinking how to write and what to write.Now it becomes simple after having some guidelines and demonstrations.

Big thanks dude💓

And now we also have our first Working Wednesday Writeup, check it out!!

Nice community! Excited to hear what people’s real work are~ it’s not everyday we can hear from how real life is for people around here!

It is exactly what we also were thinking. "I wonder what all the people in the Hive platform do for a living?" We were pretty curious as well. Its probably weird to just ask Hivers randomly "What's your Job?" :)

I am pretty sure many people would like to answer that question but it's going to be too long. 😂
This community will help them answer that question. 😂
We might get to discover different jobs from reading about people's real life work.

Absolutely, and we may even discover what people's dreams are. Check out our latest Working Wednesday Writeup

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Wow, this looks really interesting. It's very comforting to have a community like this. I would like to ask, it is only regular jobs that can be posted here, what if you don't really have a job but you're a business man/woman or a Freelancer? Can posts about such be allowed here? Thank you so much.

Thank you for checking us out.
We welcome posts that are related to your personal work, as long as its job related you are free to write up your experience and share it with our community. Part-time, Freelance, Garage Band Gig... ect. If you believe it was work then its your job to decide. :)

Its a cool idea but not sure if this will ever be something I will ever get a chance to write in, but yeah if I do find a way I will get to talk, maybe when I am retired I will do a write up here.

The destination matters only when the journey is worthwhile.

Your work matters only when your journey at work is worthwhile.
-worklife -

Read your profile and what you said is right. I hope you will get a chance to write in, before you are retired. :)

As someone who daily rants about work I might get muted here hahah.

But this community is something worth lurking into! Great initiative whangster. I am excited to see what are the experiences of other folks here.

Thanks!~ I think it will help us understand the community better as a whole if we understand what we all do. Who knows~ maybe the Hive platform itself will need our expertise. :)

As for ranting about work, I think we all do... its very natural because its not easy. There is no such thing as an easy job. But if we keep on just talking about the negative then it justs not very motivating or inspiring. I would at least mix it up 50/50 at least. It helps not only the reader but it also helps the writer as well. :)

I have a few jobs and gigs I have up my sleeve so I will try to post them so everyone can give a try in thier own way. :) Cheers

Hive is so diverse, we're hoping we'll get to read lots of interesting stories here. Why not share some of yours? We host Working Wednesday Writeup, a weekly writing prompt and we just did the first one yesterday. Check it out!

Whoaaa this is so awesomeeee!! Excited about this community🤩😍

Thanks!!! we are excited too and working hard at it to find some fresh things for people to get typing away. We want to upvote motivative people here and get that vibe keep growing. :)

So glad you're as excited as we are @jongcl, and hope to see you share some WorkLife stories sometime!!!

Excited to blog in the com munity very soon!!!!😍

Dear @whangster79,
May I ask you to review and support the Dev Marketing Proposal ( we presented on Conference Day 1 at HiveFest?
The campaign aims to onboard new application developers to grow our ecosystem. If you missed the presentation, you can watch it on YouTube.
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Thank you!

Absolutely, I did see the marketing proposal and I think its a good time to market the Hive platform into the mass market. I have been looking into this on ways how I can contribute to the cause, and created this community with @livinguktaiwan to provide another reason to join the Hive community. We are thinking of ways to figure out how to initiate growth within our abilities.
Time to market is extremely important and it maybe just the right time to do so. :)

Thank you for your support @whangster79, really appreciate it! 👍
We will keep the community informed and let you know how you can help us.

This was one of the communities missing. We the great one to rant and complain, but we were missing a dedicated community for work life. Great project!

Since there is a dedicated community to rant, complain, and talk. I think it's appropriate that they get first dibs when we had a bad day and want to rant about our work. For sure I had those days too. :)

I am glad you think there we can fill in a sector that was missing, and it is why we looked through and discovered there weren't any. So here we are. hehehehe. Thanks for your feedback~

I love that community. I had a weekly rant post there. But since there's not much to Rant and fix, I'll only get there when needed.

There's still some communities missing, but I'm sure people will get them going once they realise there's enough epole waiting for them.

Indeed we must have a place where we can rant out. If we don't we might even go even worse~ rage. I am glad we have such community as well. Its a need.

Yes I know what you mean~ there are something that needs a little bit more to it. I am trying to figure it out too. one step at a time I guess. :)


Oh, yeah. This is the balance to that. Work can be a lot of fun. Especially when we do the thing we love.

Ah, that balancing act of life requires time and thought. You will get there and life will throw you another curve ball. Alas, such is the way of existence.

Have a great day!

I have experienced all the curved balls thrown and now resting a bit from a burnout.

When the things we love to do suddenly becomes a constant battle to protect what is rightfully mine taken away, its the people I get sick and tired of not the work or job.

The balancing act is what I am and where I am... takes a lot lot of thought because its not easy to just let go and start new. But that is the practice of the balancing act.

You are 100% correct. Seems like you been practing the balance in the past. I can feel its was an experience and now you gained wisdom. I need to gain that too. :)

Not so much as an expert. I doubt anyone becomes an expert in that balancing in just a lifetime. There will always be challenges and growth will come from overcoming them.

Hopefully, that rest from burnout will take you one step ahead in your journey. I understand people are nuts most of the time and tend to ruin the whole working experience.

Thanks for your encouraging words @bertrayo, so far the response has been good, now we just need to fill the community with lots of fun and interesting WorkLife stories

Congratulations for the reception. I hope to swing by with some stories soon. Stay tuned!

I cook man actually have a fun with it except if the help is lacking

I have 5 friends around the world who is either a chef or owns a restaurant. So I know a lot of cooks~ I also worked at a restaurant during college part time for a long time.

AND being a cook or in the restaurant is HARD work!!!! I respect all of them. They never really eat during lunch and dinner when everyone eates. They always eat after or before... that is pretty strong mental. :)

Welcome friend.

Foooooood!! Don't we all love it, particularly the chaos in the kitchen, that sounds fun!

Great idea! And so trending topic! At the same time, I think it can be very motivational too!


Thanks @irisworld! Motivational is something I wanted to promote cause its what we all can use living through this world.

And at one point everyone had or had a job so I thought it would be a great community for people to come easily and engage with other community members to grow~ Let see where this ride can take us~~~ cause I am all in baby. :) lolz

It is a really cool topic! And once you start to talk about it, it is hard to stop haha

I will try to share one or maybe even more than one story)


That would be awesome really. I now want to know what you do for a living~ and save the answer for the blog post!! I will create some new ones too. thanks.

I am a freelancer and doing different stuff... Project management, export trade, translation and interpretation, marketing, sometimes teaching, and some other minor duties))

We look forward to reading some of your fun WorkLife stories!


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This is a brilliant initiative to have a place where people can post about how they do in their work life

Yes, I believe there should be a place where anyone can talk about thier job or where they work at. It important because so many people struggle to look for a job that they can love doing. In order to make that happen then we should all talk about what we do and if there is an interest in someones then engagement should happen naturally. :)

That makes more sense

Wow, very nice Community, i like to join in.👍

Welcome~ come on in my friend. :)

Thanks a lot Chief, i'm very appreciate it. 👍

Wow.. This is interesting, I have got my pen ready 😁.

Got my eyes ready too~ :)

I don't work now, as in work for someone. I see how a community to share work life experiences is very important. I just hope I can share some of my experiences here.
Best wishes to you.

Thank you~ I think it will be both educational and entertaining to understand our communities work experiences. Since it is a part of life why not share parts of it and we can maybe learn something and maybe even inspired from it? :)

I will very soon.

Great introduction post. I am looking forward to writing something up. 😊

Yo! I want to know your path to da fire!!!!! I am so curious about it~ and I think I will get to know you more well too after I read. :)

The community is much more active than I ever thought it would be and I am doing my best to read every single post with my 100%. Wow this is literally a job!!! :)

Haha cool Whangster! I can imagine that it is a big job! I will put fingers to keyboard and write something up. 👍😎

Just came to know about this community. Really Good to see it and what else would be better than learning from each others working life.

Thanks for bringing this community dude.

You're welcome

This is great.Am a principal at my place of work.Happiness is earned when you have passion in your desired field

Having passion is so important in WorkLife otherwise we'll just be another machine all our life

I have read through the post, it is a good idea to share things that happened in work👍it is such a pity that I am a whole time housewife who are taking care of a child🙈 will come to post if I go to work one day😊 cheers!

Wow, this is amazing , there is so to share here and also learn. some boring experiences and some amazing gist.

It's a beautiful community afterall, since we will be sharing our experience at work place, but did the community has a discord server?