I Am Choosing The High Ground

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Well, yikes. Last night I was on the receiving end of an unbiased attack on my account @freedompoint on the Steem Blockchain. I would like to say that this is the first time, but it wasn't. Not long after I found this out, I was contacted by my friend @snook and she encouraged me to take the high road...so that's what I am doing!

What happened was I am regularly supported by users that use bots. My posts are upvoted by other people using their own personal bot. I would even go as far as to say that it is their own version of Steemauto. Unfortunately, it is seen as a bot, and treated just as bad.

So an account that targets content that has been upvoted by these bots came through and downvoted 11 of my posts in 3 minutes. They didn't read my post. They didn't comment on my post. The simply went through and railed my posts.

When the downvoting option was set up with the hardfork it was boasted on because it would help reduce spam. It would help reduce abuse. It would help to course correct the system. I think that everyone was so focused on cleaning up the trending page that they forgot that other people will use downvoting like spam as well. So here we are, having to endure this form of abuse that parades as free speach.

I believe that we all have the right to do and say what we want. We have the freedom to use our stake however we would like, Unless someone with a larger account doesn't think so.

I have been a daily active Steem users for 2 and 1/2 years, and I have seen some things. I'm not going to get mad and leave. I'm not going to rally people to act foul. I'm not going to rally people and wind them up to help me. I'm not going to try to burn the village down. I'm going to try to build something new.

I'm going to continue to push forward with building innerblocks.com. It is our Dapp that we are about to launch. It should be paired beautifully with it's own SMT....and no downvoting option. Just like in real life, there will be those that work really hard to get as much as they can, and there will be those that abuse it. You can never build a complete utopia....because people are still humans.

So while I am taking the high road and pushing forward I hope that I can influence people to do the same. I'm not going to ask anyone to do anything. I'm simply going to love and be kind to everyone that I meet.

Be well
~The Yeti

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I believe that we all have the right to do and say what we want. We have the freedom to use our stake however we would like, Unless someone with a larger account doesn't think so.

Do we have a mechanism in place to protect smaller accounts from larger account abuses?

No blacklists, no downvoting, and admin privileges to your own blog sound like a good start!

No need to flag, just mute users you don't want to see!

In other words, let me mute stuff I don't want to see, and you can mute stuff that you don't want to see.

There's no reason for anyone to mute stuff for EVERYONE ELSE.

Those are some great ideas I hope there will be big holders who will feel the same. Incidentally, I found a platform that has these features. It is still in progress and built on EOS although they plan to be blockchain agnostic.

Links please.

Also, imagine steem without voting. Imagine they just Hard-Forked voting right out of the whole thing altogether.

What's left?

A lot of really awesome stuff, that's what!!

The delegation system is amazing (way better than pa.treon). The steem-token transfer system is amazing (way better than v.enmo or credit-cards or banks). The blogging system is amazing (way better than tw.itter or fa.cebuk). It's all super-awesome!!

On Steem, no. It is stake based so they can do what they want with what they have.

I thought so. that is one of the primary reasons why I don't feel steem dapps is really a platform where you can freely express yourself. Anyway, I am really excited about your project I hope It'll launch soon.

It would be nice to have some level of autonomy over our own blogs.

For example, the "tag admins" have the right to mute (screen) certain posts and or accounts from posting comments on their particular tag. Each person should also have the same rights.

Steem-delegation is very similar to pa.treon and that seems to be extremely popular.

Perhaps there could be three "vote" buttons at the bottom of each post, "vote", "tip", "delegate".

It's not really adding any "new features" it would just make the existing features more accessible and visible.

Long live innerblocks.com!!

haha thank you. It will be a big push in the direction people having some sort of ownership over their experience.

Yes, that was version 1.0 to get the ball rolling last summer. Since then we have completely reconstructed it and rebuilt it like a whole new animal. We have gone through a name change and logo change aswell. It was theinnerblocks...now it is just Innerblocks

Hello my friend! :D

Wow, that was very well said, good for you. :D Don't let their negative vibes disturb your positive ones, positive is always a better way to be, though it's not always easy. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

My welcoming wagon here was a downvote from 'freedom' and a lot of people remember it. I get downvotes all the time. Doesn't bother me. I just look at a Youtube video and see thousands of downvotes there so I know not to take it to heart. Sometimes the downvote seems strange. I received a massive one a few months back but I managed to explain my way out of it. Some folks just don't understand my unorthodox approach. I've always focused on a 100% organic approach as well so I never have to worry about any of these disagreements with bots. Usually when I see folks freaking out about downvotes, I cringe. Screams entitlement.

Thanks for your feedback. Just wondering, that last line, are you implying I am acting entitled? Just wondering.

Not at all. In general. We've all seen those posts where folks lose their composure. I assumed you'd know what I meant by that. That reaction is common when someone gets busted for something like plagiarism maybe, and instead of owning it, they'll act similar to how a shoplifter denies their theft, even when there's video evidence. So then they spend months writing slanderous posts about the individuals who took corrective action, or troll them in the comment sections.

Oh gotcha! Yes, agreed. We shouldn't dwell it. I can imagine people use it for post after post. Not my game for sure. Thanks for your feedback.

I remember when I got my big one, way back in 2016, at first I felt attacked... but then channeled that energy into standing up for the arts here. Memories.

Have yourself a good day.

So are you downvoting because of my opinion? Just wondering. There is no doubt I have done or said something you do not like. Could you explain it a little to me?

Don't worry about it. @ctime downvoted https://steemit.com/hive-199059/@holovision/happy-pi-day Either he's too dumb to get the humor in the post or so arrogantly self-appointed intellectual that he's vindictive about one math constant over the other. In either case you can never satisfy someone like that.

Oh wait. I followed the link. So your systematic downvotes are a result of me choosing to vote against the ex top 20? So what you are saying is that this has nothing to do with the actual post, but everything to do with you not liking my choices? So this is political?! This is the exact thing that people talk about, this isn't a legit account, you leased the steem just to be angry. I hope you find peace. Be well

Participating in what some are calling a Sybil attack or hostile takeover... interesting.

Is dtube still voting with a delegation?

Hi @ctime

mmmmkkkk311 suggested I contact you https://peakd.com/hive/@mmmmkkkk311/q8h67e

If you have the time/desire to remove a downvote here, that would be great, thanks!

Going off the account you are referring to's reply here, it looks like my first theory mentioned in Discord is the reason.

It's unfortunate when perspective is the target, rather than quality. This shows the health of the blockchain is not its true intention.

Say and do as you like. Likewise I will use my Steem stake to downvote you. I don't believe someone who is voting for the witness accounts that are being used to attack Steem should be rewarded by Steem's reward pool.

I've stopped short at downvoting everything, just your ignorant posts about Steem itself. Stick to what you know.

Great. I appreciate your feed back.

I powered down a long time ago due to the flag happy users who have flagged my posts without explanation. Steem was the same as Reddit to me, except Reddit is more popular because I get no rewards for posting. I know these are not the same but that's how I experienced it.

I like it though because when it comes to cryptocurrency, people here get it.