ClipOfTheDay 12/9/22! As Predicted In 2020 Now It’s Confirmed! Climate Lockdowns Coming! This Is Insanity! Then Some Chill DailyJams To Cheer Ya Up Afterwards 😃🎸🎙️

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⬆️ ClipOfTheDay from latest NoAgenda Show Episode 1510… “Lockdown Trials 2024”

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Climate Lockdowns were openly discussed in 2020 but nobody believed us few talking about the World Economic Forum leader discussing it. Well here we go! The Great Reset Is midway to destruction. 2023 will be another build up on what we’ve seen through 2020,2021,2022. It’s not fun predicting more horrific world events but that’s where we are. On purpose by evil unelected cultists. It’s a dystopian sci-fi movie that we wouldn’t believe as a movie plot or black mirror episode 5 years ago because we’d say it’s to out there as a plot. There is much to be hopeful about and living in fear and despair is a waste of this beautiful life! We must build community and spread positive message! But the facts are facts and dystopian times are here so preparing is a must…now hear some calm tunes to relax ⬇️


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Side bet?? Same lines as Dave’s post

100 hive I take Eagles for -7 you get Giants +7


100 eh? Make it 50 and I’m in!

Ok 50 hive it is.

It’s a bet!

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Some calm tunes to relax...

Judas Priest and Metallica.. relaxation is the first thing that comes to mind..

We don't have as much control over that but I don't really think we need to worry about it. Things will work out and I feel like the managerial class will definitely try to push their agenda more. I just hope the pushback comes and it gets delayed.

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