Some time in the middle of nature in the garden on Wednesday afternoon || CLEANPLANET - 21/07/2021🌍🌏

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Hello friends welcome back to my another vlog.And happy Wednesday from Bangladesh.Today is Wednesday 21 July 2021 ( আজ বুধবার ২১ জুলাই ২০২১).

Friends this afternoon I decided to spend some time in our vegetable garden.So this afternoon I went to the vegetable garden beside to our house.We have different types of vegetable and fruit trees in that vegetable garden.So this afternoon I walked in the vegetable garden for a long time and had a nice time.I collect a fruit from a fruit tree in the vegetable garden and ate it.There are a wonderful beauty of nature in the garden and there are also green nature.So I made a video while walking in the garden.I shared the video with you here.I hope you enjoy the video.

So this afternoon when I was walking through the garden then I saw some polluted garbage in the garden.Then I collected that polluted garbage and threw them in the dustbin.In this video you will see the moment you collect garbage from the garden.So see my nature cleaning mission in the Wednesday afternoon (@cleanplanet - 21/07/2021).

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Great that your cleaning up the garbage

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)