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Dtube Original Dtuber I've been on Dtube since it was first created and was asked by @tibfox to do this short verification video to prove that all the video content that I upload to my Dtube channel is my intellectual property. Made by me.

Shocking as it may seem. Some people steal your videos and upload them elsewhere on the web. While some may see this as a compliment that your content is considered worthy of copying. It gets a bit annoying when they are monetizing it and not even giving you a credit as the content creator.

I have issued several DMCA take down notice's on some big video sharing platforms that do not verify their content creators or thier videos.
This can take a lot of time to sort out and while the stolen videos are getting views your videos are often not getting seen? This is a search engine algorithmic problem that favours newer content. If you have had a video online for a number of years and then a thief copies and reuploads it. This new upload can be given more weight in search results because of it's newness.

Why Dtube? Dtube is hosted on it's own blockchain which is timestamped so there can be no dispute about ownership.
If people enjoy your content and like it. Your content can earn DTC tokens from those likes. DTC are a crypto token that you can sell on exchanges or directly to other people for currency of your choice.

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I am frankly happy to see them taking this seriously. You as a content creator know how much behind the scenes toil that goes into making these vids. To see a suspicious channel reward for this really was a pet peeve.

Yep I found a few of my videos on Dtube. Uploaded by some shifty dude. I've got the account name and details and will keep an eye on what happens in the future. I may have to bring out the big downvote guns if it happens again?

No way really! In a way I guess it is a back handed compliment lol. Of course we would all want to downvote that!!

It would be a compliment if they shared it on social media. This creep was just a thief.
The account has been zeroed so I assume they got caught stealing everyone's content?
Luckily they didn't get away with it for long. 🎉👍

This is a search engine algorithmic problem that favours newer content.

Tell this to YouTube. YouTube often recommends 7 (or more) years old videos to people.

Surfaced videos depend almost exclusively on an individuals search behaviour.
If a 7 year old video matches the search query it will be shown unless the same stolen video was uploaded more recently. That's the problem.