When communication is not a barrier, you can grab different opportunities. Thanks for the updates!
Best of luck!

Exactly, Let's see what is waiting for me...

Good to know about your update. I hope you are doing great as much as possible. Take care.
A big hug to you.

I am trying my best, I am not in the shape to plan for the long term but this is the best I can do for myself right now. Preparing documents is the main goal now, others can be done later. Thanks a lot, dear...

I wish you all the very best.

Thank you so much...

So very glad you are now safe in my birth country - I was born in den Haag. 😊

Are you connected to @karinxxl ?

Dan Haag is a really beautiful city, you must feel so proud. Have you visited Haag recently, if not you should visit...

No, I am not connected with her, I will check her Twitter account asap...

I went to Amsterdam for my birthday 3 years ago. It's beautiful. The cyclists are very polite! Keep well. ❤

The cyclists are very polite

Yes, many people are polite too, it is a beautiful country indeed. Thanks a lot, dear...

Well, I wish you a good opportunity to start to establish yourself, that you can get ahead in a short time.

Thank you my friend...

So glad you're safe at least, you could have included a shot of your gorgeous puppy though :-)

Keep taking care and doing what's best for you :-)

I created a very short video with her on the Bus but it was not so long that's why couldn't include it in the video instead I have created a short video for social media. I have some photos of her though...


AHH she's growing up and gorgeous. I bet she's been a lifesaver for you . Look after each other there until you can settle down again :-)

Yes and she has become a travel dog, she is now mature even though she understands me properly now though she is still very friendly to humans. She is doing better and every day learning about new places. She is my medicine...

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You're welcome @priyanarc, this is really appreciated! Thanks again and have a nice weekend 😊👍

Good evening my friend. How are you now?

Hi friend, I am doing fine now, better than before, and slowly started living life here...

That's great to know my friend. Take care always. I am praying for you so that you'll have a better life there.