Priyan, take control over the small things around you - start with breathing. Know your surroundings - in case you must evacuate on a short notice, you need to know where to take cover. Try to secure water and food. Make a plan (helps you to find a meaning for the next hours, days...).

Shelter together with others like you - even if they will be complete strangers at the beginning. Don't stay alone. If you need help - physical help - you don't want to be alone.

Make friends, help others... Help will come back when it will be needed.

Don't expect anything from anyone - everyone is on his own. Abandon things that are not needed for your survival - you love your dog, but depending on what kind of dog it is, might slow you down.

Wish you all the best!

Please know I'm sending my Love and continued Prayers for Strength and Safety

Dear sister, we don't know each other much but I feel your pain. First of all thanks for standing with your fur baby Gigi. I heard Poland was taking in pets, and even encouraged people to bring over homeless pets, but you're right, it seems dangerous and I would be myself petrified. So all I can say is breathe deeply, count four, hold, exhale. It's normal and natural to feel in panic but you need to fight it in order to protect yourself and your dog. Try to seek help and company, try to gather provisions and be ready and packed just in case. All my blessings.

Be very careful. I will pray for your safety and all the people around you.

You are a strong woman @priyanarc. I do hope you and your little dog stay safe. Thinking of you. ❤

Hey @priyanarc just stay strong....when there I no one, God stands for them....I thought blind-spot would be there with you but knowing you are along really feel bad for this circumstances just be with you and keep calm...I know it's herd to do but still at this moment of time I just feeling helpless.

If blind-spot is in the country he is most likely on the ground I would think. As a man and doctor chances are not slim that he is on duty. I wish him well. Pri is stronger than she thinks right now.

I just read somewhere on Twitter...he already left alone..out of the country.

I hope you will find the strength you need and feel better. Being in contact with other people, with those you can rely on, can be a good support during these harsh times. I know it is difficult but sometimes one small step can lead you to bigger ones. I think you just have to straighten yourself and follow a path that it will be shown to you when you'll be able to see things in a different light. Stay strong, and don't hesitate to contact others, be it in Ukraine/ other corners, or even here in Hive. I wish you the best!

You have my 100% upvote on autovote until this is all over to support you all i can. Hope you are doing well.

Priyan, keep your focus on yourself and Gigi. Don't waste energy on the people that you feel betrayed by. They don't deserve it. Not now.

Here and now it is you and the people around you. Stay alert and take cover. You will make it through this! Ukrainians are brave and united.

I know you feel broken but you aren't. You are stronger than you think and you have every right to show everyone what this war means. You all give it a face and the world is watching.

You will make it!

It's well, though disappointing that your country let your down.
But please try and stay positive and safe.

It's good to hear from you @priyanarc....
This distress is going to be for a moment
Joy will come soonest

Don't feel betrayed I believe your nation is on the position of being powerless... But you have our good wishes, thoughts and prayers, just be strong and think positive you'll conquer, we are praying for you all over there

I believe you got that survival spirit and mentality, harness that power right now ✊
One love 💌
@khingstan Cares 🤴✌️

Glad to hear that people are helping you out there. I hope that you and your dog will be fine, and that the war ends soon. This is a difficult time in your life and you need all the prayers and support from the HIVE community as well. Stay strong and centered on life and living, and try to help others too, if you can. I'm sure that there are people in worse situation than you are. Keep safe and healthy.

The World is with all of Ukraine, do not feel alone, God will send his angels to protect you from all danger.

It feels weird to read this, it's frustrating not being able to do more than keep you in my prayers.... I admire the Ukrainian people, I hope they will soon get out of this bad moment, have lots of encouragement and hope, once you hit rock bottom there is only left to climb up with strength :(

Prayers of safety are with you and your dog, I pray every night both of you are safe and this is soon over.

Don't cry priyan, be patient.The Creator must help you and all.I pray for you.

Thinking about you and sending thoughts and prayers, hope you can stay safe and be as strong as you can. Thanks for telling us what is happening with you at this incredibly stressful time.

Emotionally , you must be in a bad place right now and I’m sure words cannot do enough justice . I can imagine how terrible it is over there but I hope you can stay safe and stay strong . Our hearts are with you .

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@priyanarc , you will be present in my prayers, in such hard and critical moments our only safe haven is God, cling to him, and although I would not want you to be going through such hard and difficult times, I pray from the bottom of my heart that this ends, because always those who suffer are the most innocent, take control of what you can and what not, trust that better days will come soon, I do not know how long it will take to arrive but I know they will. a warm hug for you from a distance.

You have to stay strong and positive, but you can't stay alone to do that.
Praying for your strength and safety and for this to be over soon @priyanarc.

my respected sister i can feel your pain, plz , hope every things will come normal, and again you will enjoy hive and really we will see again beautiful smile on our sister face, yes,, yes you are true, it is hard time, but inshah Alalh , peace will come soon,, stay safe, stay safe,,, i am and my all family is praying for all of you ukrain,

Please stay strong, I know it is hard, but right now just focus on survival and make a plan on what to do in case the danger is reaches where you are staying.

Stay safe!

:( ... I hope nothing will hapennd to you.. This world is sick

Hi my friend I hope that you can stay safe in these hard times 🙏🏾

I am thrilled by the encouragement here.
You can also see that in the value of this post.

This is what a #Hive community must look like.

Many thanks for this!

Insha Allah, nothing bad will happen to you.

Priyan, you have every right to be scared. It is a terrible thing that is happening to you and your country. I am very impressed by all the actions your citizens are taking to stop the Russians. I am praying this is over very very soon.

I saw everything you shared on Twitter, didn't catch up here, will do it from now on. Seeing your video broke my heart. And I bet many others felt the same. But the next video you shared lighted up my mood seeing how much your dog loves you and is there for you. I understand, even as someone who doesn't have a dog, I can understand you didn't leave her behind. I would feel the same and would probably regret it if I ever did that. I hope you can stay together so at least you have each other.

I hope the tips I gave you for these files, help you relax a tiny bit when emotions get too overwhelming or when you really want to sleep but can't due to distractions outside. I hope it will shift your focus so that you manage to rest a bit in this exhausting time.

You are strong! Hive is with you, and I wish I could do more, you are in our thoughts!

The world needs love not War ❤️
I am so sorry that you have to go through this nightmare @priyanarc
It is such a evil thing they are doing and I really hope you stay strong and I wish I could put you in a safe bubble and carry you.
Just remember you are not alone, many People are Thinking about you and sending much love 💋❤️

My friend, you are very brave, keep it up. Before the fear that is normal breathe calmly and deeply to be able to act to protect yourself and others. Hug your dog, he also wants your well being. You are together as friends do. My prayers do not cease for you my friend.

I think of you and all the fellow Ukrainers all the time, stay strong and hopefully day 5 will be the last one. You and Gigi are in my prayers

I myself don't sleep normally at night when a psychopath is next to us. Be strong, girl. Go to the shelter.
If you run away to Poland I'll help you. I could come to the border and take care of you. Be strong, hide. We're with you🇺🇦🇵🇱

I sent you a DM on Discord, please take a second to read it, its very important. Stay strong and in shelter as you can.

Ninguna guerra es buena solo trae dolor desolacion ,muerte Los paises imperialista como Rusia poco leimora la vida humana