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As far as I know, Katowice is relatively small and beautiful town.

Yes it is, is it a town? I am not sure because local people call it a city of the Silesian Region/Oblast.

Katowice are a capital city of Silesian Voivodship (region) and is a part of conurbation of more than 2,5 million people

Oh yes I forgot about the 2.5 million population...

I just mentioned it because Katowice area is not so small :)

Yes, I agree, it's not small.

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Our city looks nice through your eyes :) I hope you liked it :)

I wish I could explore more but next time. I really enjoyed walking into the city...

I heard often about this little city looks really nice, happy you are fine girl ☺️☺️☺️

I have been better, slowly recovering though still many things I can't forget. This is a beautiful city indeed...

Never been to Katowice even if from what I remember there was a summit held for this blockchain, but I'm sure it does a lot of things for the refugees, just like Romania. Stay safe!

Katowice is really beautiful and I would say worthy to see. Many events had held there even the summit you have mentioned. Yes, they have been doing a lot for the Ukrainians who fleed from Ukraine and gave them shelter as well. Poland is really doing a lot like other European countries for Ukrainians...

I'm so pleased that you had a good day. It makes me happy too!

I had a really good day and that's why I have made this video, probably it was the architecture that inspired me to hold the camera and film the moment...

Yes absolutely and that's a really good thing. ❤

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks for this lovely tour of Katowice. I've only been to Krakow, but now Katowice is on my list because one can not miss it. Stay safe and good luck with what you're working on to achieve. Remember, you're not alone, there's always a community behind you! A strong one!

Remember, you're not alone, there's always a community behind you! A strong one!

I know and trust me I have found friends here even a lot more than just well-wishers. Katowice is amazing, I feel sad that I didn't get the chance to see Krakow, I had a plan to explore Krakow but I couldn't. If I go to Poland, I will definitely see Krakow...

Good luck!

I can attest that I like to review history and learn a bit about cities :) So I guess that city would be a place that I would like to meet in person sometime.

I liked reading that the walk around the city gave you a little encouragement, it is something necessary to heal, to remember who you are and what you can achieve for yourself is a good thing.

I also liked reading that there are job opportunities :) I wish you that your paperwork advances quickly and you can begin to rebuild your life, with a job, with your own place to live and with Gigi :)

A few days ago, someone told me that consider yourself lucky, life gave you an opportunity to rebuild your life again and be thankful for the life that you are alive. I started thinking clearly and I started looking for opportunities, I know I can't just go back to normal like before again but I am healing and slowly started encouraging myself. Moreover, I am learning to accept my current life, I have to accept my past and present...

I commend that attitude, and sincerely wish you good results in the near future. It's time to build a normality again from what we have in the present, for that, accepting the past and facing the current challenges is a big step.