"The quiet and dark Airport" (Shortfilm) by redpalestino

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Yesterday I took my son to the airport as he is flying to Germany to start his training in early August.
I could not believe my eyes when we arrived at the airport. The once lively airport in Kuala Lumpur resembles a ghost town.
My son's flight was the only one that was checked in at that time, all counters and shops were closed. I was aware of all this but seeing it with my own eyes made me deeply sad. As someone who loves to travel, the current situation is more than frustrating.
Our government is keeping the borders closed until 31th August. Hopefully travel will be possible again in September. I would like to visit my friends in Thailand and Cambodia again. I miss them...


Does the shutdown response seem proportionate to the threat of COVID-19 in your part of the world? This is eerie.

In the beginning the measures were certainly right, so at least in Malaysia life has become relatively normal again. Whether the complete isolation from the rest of the world makes sense, I doubt it.

Oha, das sieht ja gespenstisch aus.
Das hätte man sich vor kurzem noch nicht träumen lassen, einmal solch verlassene Flughäfen zu betreten.
Zumindest hier füllen sie sich wieder zusehends. Ob es gut ist oder schlecht?
Wohl beides, irgendwie. 😎

It's so sad to see the airport like this; very quiet and dark. I hope everything will be lively, including the airport, very soon, so you can visit your friends in Thailand and Cambodia again.

Thanks so much for sharing your video with us. Stay safe and healthy! ;)

The airport generally looks beautiful, and what an amazing capture in low light with that video. I know it's obviously missing the spice of people and the once busy scenario as well.
I generally know you love to travel and seeing all your foodporn and visit to Many countries, you'd definitely feel sad knowing that you can't travel like you use to. Hopefully Corona virus can be dealt with before September. Not taking anything away from this video. It's splendid.

I strongly believe this present pandemic of this covid-19 has affected the once lively airport to be a ghost one now

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This is so gloomy. Airports over here have been closed down as well.
Things will surely return to normal though soon enough.


This Covid19 period really affected everybody, the airport, the seaport, the road Travellers as well. Take for instance, here in Nigeria, I was opportuned to travel to a far away state, we moved at a constant pace for more than one hour we didn't meet any coming vehicle at all, I told my wife and her sister, maybe we should turn back. But we decided to move on , after several Kilometers we saw a commercial buses on convor then I was relaxed a bit till we reach our destination. It was sad as well but we must live it slowly because the Virus still run around.

Absolutely creepy! This reminds of a scene from an apocalypse movie. What a strange world we are now living. We miss Cambodia too, only $22,000 for us all to return, so that won't be happening in this lifetime until somethings changes.

So many things we took for granted not long ago are now pipe dreams that may never happen again. What a world!

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1st in life to see airport like that, so sad..hopefully vaccine out soon to save the world.

Never will I imagine this place will have one day, to look like this. Look at the mega structure without it's crowd in it. Tsk...