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RE: Bringing my ceiling light into the 21st Century

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I'm surprised you didn't go for some sort of smart light. Is this dimmable? I've fitted lots of lights. I had to help out a friend once who was blowing fuses when they tried to fit one. They hadn't understood how the switch was wired in. It can be dangerous, so best to play safe.


One really could die doing this if one doesn't know what one's doing :)
I don't like smart lights because they add even more radio waves to my already saturated house. It's not dimmable either. I would consider one that is dimmable from the switch and not from some kind of remote control, but I'd have to have a pro come in to fit that.

I have a couple of smart lights, but don't do much with them. I see people using them to signal events using colour. I keep it fairly simple. The original 'smart' lights I had sent signals over the mains, but they had some issues.