My Low Confidence πŸ˜”πŸ˜”. Please give me some suggestion to avoid it.

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Hello everyone, this is @waverunner and welcome to my another #Dtube video.
I have more than 1 year experience of this platform but still I am facing this problem in my college that I am not able to make videos by visiting public places, the only reason for this is my low confidence due to which, I used to covertly shoot videos even in public places, I have put only one video outside, that too I had hidden suit while this is my college life, I should explore everything but right now I am not getting that much confidence. That I fearlessly have a public place and go to the cafe and shoot my vlog.

Thanks for supporting my video.


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Hello dear mate!
We often think that if we do this, what will people think, what will they say? But the truth is that no one has time to think about you. Everyone enjoys himself. No one even tries to know what is happening next door. Earlier any person used to wear two colored clothes and used to look strangely at people but today have you paid attention to things. People wear colorful clothes yet no one reacts. Everything changes with time. The thing you feel hesitant to do the same people are doing it in public places as well as everywhere for various social media. So focus your attention on your purpose regardless of the people. Because your efforts will take you further, not people's reaction.
So cheer and be brave to face crowd.

I welcome your suggestion and thank you for it. I will not your this effort go to waste, and I will try my best to face crowd. πŸ™πŸ™

Appreciate your mindset..

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