I met subzero

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The first job I did in this country was a warehouse job in a freezer. Back in August, we were warned that the temperature would be somewhat extreme at 5 degrees Celsius.

If you don't understand the metric system then let me summarize by saying this is just five degrees away from the freezing point of water. At the time, that was extremely cold because it was the most cold I have ever experienced but little did I know that that was only the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended.

Today, the temperature dropped below zero degrees for the first time and we're ow getting proper hints of a very cold winter. There are some predictions that we'll have snow in Nottingham and for that I say, fuck my life.

I thought I'd be excited about snow but it is coming at such a tedious period in my life. Where is good old global warming when you need it?

Dealing with the weather has largely involved layering tops but it's starting to seem like the time has come to start layering trousers as well because my legs get cold. Once again, with no pun intended, I have cold feet and the cold scares me.


Another phase of life with greater responsibility and greater risk....
Wish you all the best out there

I love the winter more than the summer.
I rather put on warm clothing. The summer at some places are very bad. Here in South Africa it's very hot on the moment. And to hot.
I like the winter when it's icy on the trees and grass. I only saw snow twice in my life and that was a good experience.

As a child, schools would allow us to play outside down to -17 C. Colder than that, we had to play inside.

Look for thermal underwear for your first layer. That’s usually enough, except when it’s windy. Cold wind takes your will to live.

I think it's time to cover yourself more often. your feet should be well covered too with a thick socks

In this part of the world, we have never experienced snow and we still complain of cold when the season comes. I can only imagine what you are describing right now. Anyways, this phase will definitely pass and another season will thrive soon. Stay safe and healthy

It is better to stay alive than to die of cold because of money. If you know the cold weather is not good for you, stay away.

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Hahaha I’m still wearing shorts and the temperature is dipping below freezing here and there. I just make sure to wear a warm shirt and a hat and my legs are usually fine with the temperature regardless. Years of living in it I guess lol.

One of the good things about this weather and getting used to it is that it’s a lot healthier for your body! It produces brown fat which is the best kind, not the fat that you get from eating cookies and shit. This fat is what our bodies can use for energy which is ideal, meaning your body is burning fat in the cold weather whereas in the summer we just sweat.

Lol wearing shorts in this weather means you're built different brother. I would simply just die if I was forced to wear shorts.

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Lol yeah I know you get used to it eventually. An important thing is to layer properly. A t shirt at the base to keep the body heat close, then a long sleeve on top and then a jacket. Your legs will get used to the temperature the fastest but your core is where it’s important.