Winter quiet time

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Today was my day off and I didn't do anything with it. I didn't cut my hair, study or do anything productive. I simply stayed in bed all day, played video game later on and eventually, took a shower.

My shift last night was sort of cancelled but I only found out when I got there. Thanks to that, I got home in the middle of the night and got extra sleep to boot.

I and one of my friends from the warehouse decided to explore the city a bit. By explore, I mean we stopped at a pub and drank a cold one. That's kind of ironic because I've been complaining about the crazy cold and it was freezing.

Anyway, by the time we finished drinking, all the buses had closed for the day. So, we had to take quite the long walk back home.

His house was a bit further than mine, so I left him alone the way to continue the trip. I got home, tired as always, slept and woke up tired but also feeling a bit under the weather. Which is why I also didn't feel like doing anything, as I mentioned at the start.

There was a bit of good news along the way though. During the walk home, I got paid my salary from the customer service job and to my greatest surprise, it was full pay.

So, I am pleased to say that with that salary in my account, we have now paid the first half of the school fees deficit. So, all that's left is the February deficit and well, we'll start offsetting the deficit before we get there.

So, yeah, I spent the whole day playing videogames and not doing anything serious. I think I've earned the holiday.


Lol! You have definitely earned a holiday! It's nice that your day completed with such good news! I mean who wouldn't like such news! Congratulations on paying half of your fees, before you know it, you will pay it complete. Well-done

I'm back to work now. So, yeah, holiday is over

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We all need time to unwind man! I’m glad you got to do some.