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RE: Phone home

There are so many valid reasons to carry a phone and as per my post most of the time I do. I just prefer not to where possible. Like you though, not letting it rule me is the key focus.

It's amazing how quickly an entire industry sprung up around the smart phone. I mean do you remember back in 1985? Do you ever recall a person having their self-worth attached to their landline dial-phone back at home? Nope, not one. These days one is almost an outcast without the right brand of phone and woe to you if it's over a year old! Trillions of dollars revolve around a device that in around 20 years humanity seem to have gotten themselves addicted to...But we can all do without. It is what it is though and isn 't likely to change.

I'm content with my leave it home ethos although don't manage to do so as often as I like.


It IS amazing how fast it started and then took over.

Everywhere you turn, some company is trying to force their app on you. It is no longer good enough to advertise on the radio, TV or signs, they want to be present in your hand, sending and bombarding you with ads and sales pitches. I realize some good has probably come from them in certain areas, but also some very bad. So many are never present wherever their bodies actually are and the innocent people that have died because someone couldn't stay off their phone while driving. Honestly it is all pretty crazy.

The world is upside down jacey, or so I see it. I'm hoping my home planet send the spaceship back and pick me up soon because I'm struggling to make sense of planet Earth these days. 👽

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