Arts... Official Intelligence


L👀k Down Here...

In the comments/reply section.

Some of my best ramblings will never be seen.
Why You ask?
They are buried in the comments/reply area of some of the postings here that we all comment on from time to time.

Have you left some real zingers? Some face palmers? And some downright belly laughers in the comments section..?
Well I do not know if anyone else has done it. I certainly do not have the time or skill sets to do it. But what if someone took the best of the weeks comments and awarded them winnings in a contest.

Here are a few comments I have left this week on a great Post from one of my faves here in Hivelandia. @dandays

Toot Your Own Horn!

Here are a couple reply/comments.

You can go see them for yourself in full context if you like on @dandays post Rough if You Know What I Mean

You might even shoot coffee from your nostrils or was it just regurgitation? Well spitting up your coffee like @nineclaws does on a regular basis is not normal... (Mee thinks She is just an addict snorting that stuff)

So enough bullshizz, let's see these most awesome comments from Arts biggest fan @krazzytrukker

So when I seen his post pop up I was Rollin' down the highway.

So I stopped for a short break and posted the following...



When I finally made it home the next day I sat down on the sofa to relax and decompress from the stress of another week of trying not to run over stupid drivers. You can see some of that STUPIDITY here.

I went on to comment on his great Post...

I am really glad I waited for the sofa at home to read this. Now if some hero would just bring this zero a Root Beer.

I really enjoyed this post Arts. <--- L👀k just one lonely normal dot...

No bullshit politics stuff. No Makin' fun of the funny talkin' people stuff. No giving the @krazzytrukker a buncha shit about givin' a buncha shit stuff. LoL

Just a really laid back post with some most awesome pet stuff.


I got a crush on Daddy's G.

Or whatever her name is @ this minute. My Furr Gerl has a couple. Not 7+ tho! Damn it Man! Thaazzz ok, It will narrow down to a couple 3 with time. Ok, Maybe not, your kinda weird.

Not sure what that blame stuff was all about? But I can honestly say I blame all this stuff on you... all of it.!! Gotta blame somebody


It Ain't My Fault

P O L I T I C S - A L E R T !!

All shit giving aside bro, That Was a really nice read with awesome graphics to lay here and let my 500 mile days head stop spinning. And it made me just...


After a few more short back and forths. I left this Zinger. Such awesome and compelling rhetoric on Dee & Ays postings. It is really worth the time to √ em out. You will laugh, maybe cry, but it will be worth it.


Official Intelligence

Our Boi @dandays or DnA (the non genetic type) if you say it fast. Has a personal war he is waging with his splelel √ on his a.i. device.

Could you imagine how stupid the artificial intelligence will sound stumbling over all the strange new phonetic challenges we face every week trying to decipher our fave pink princesses postings..?

pink Princess.jpeg


A dysfunctional writers postings here in the Arts Official Intelligence virtual world known only to us as Hivelandia?

What Say You a.i..?



I hate the thought of a.i. running everything in our near future...


giphy (21).gif

It is kinda running our lives already, we are just to numb from all the effing we get daily from life in general to realize it.
I try to type/write like I talk and think when I reply to our comments @nineclaws hopefully smiling face here in this virtual speakeasy 🍻🍺 and you see what a 💩 shit 💩 show my reply/comments turn into right?

Maybe someone should make them into a post and award the best of the weeks comments?

Like my shirt said...




Hey!! You made it to the end, you win a prize... Not really, but thanks for playing reading my ramblings.

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'


all photos including this one of Sammi Jo are my own unless otherwise noted beneath. The moving photos are giphy.coms


I just read a fugging post and now I feel all competitive like. I can't top this one. O M G, you just blew my mind. Take that @dandays!

Also, you outted me. My secrets are hanging on the line like so much dirty, stained, and strained lingerie lingering like an aftertaste that can't be burnt away.

But what if someone took the best of the weeks comments and awarded them winnings in a contest.

You asked and it exists. Here's proof: Dreemport's comment of the day:

"Also, you outted me. My secrets are hanging on the line like so much dirty..."

See that creative edit..? Dirty... Lol

So you suffer from Gastric regurge too? I have to watch what I eat. Especially later in the day. Or I pay dearly. untitled.gif

See that creative edit..? Dirty... Lol

Goat Grimace.jpg

So you suffer from Gastric regurge too? I have to watch what I eat.

It started in my 20's. Took a long time to figure out. Some doctor threw drugs at me at one point. I said no, drugs are bad, m'kay. No drugs. Eliminating wheat (allergic) and all food that I don't know what's in it or how it was made has mostly fixed it.

You isa pretty smart chica 9...


So many Drugs... So little time.

Big Pharma, the world's largest drug cartel. Creates Junkies for life and Rewards it's Dr.Pushers in commissions to pay for their expensive mansions and Lamborghinis.

I'm inherently questioning by nature. Dead family members over the years coupled with my own research cemented my stance. I will never go to any of these drug dealers here, but that's not new, that's about fifteen years old now.

 10 months ago  

You guys are entertainment itself man. Reminds me of my gaming days, just a bunch of homies shooting the shit, throwing all kinds of shit around. Some awesome times!

My gif game isn’t very good but I’ve got all kinds of awesome memes lol




That Turkey is priceless..! Lmao

 10 months ago  

According to autocorrect, stockeryist is not a word.

It lets me do stupid shit like misspell phobe though.


Just remember. It ain't shit if it HITS comes from your biggest fan...


I missed that last gif at first glance. That is just creepy. Robot hugging him was probably givin' that guy a handy we could not see...

 10 months ago  

It's a fine line between creepy and service.

Creepy Service...

I told that Lot Lizard 🦎 exactly that same thing...
Then gave that Shorty the cash $20 bucks.



Ok. I did not pay her. I have never used that "creepy service."
But I did snap a photo of her for you...


Now these "guys" are awesome. I have a frequent flyer plan.
No Homo!!
You should see them dressed as pink princesses...

 10 months ago  

Yeah, ok. No one sells it for $20 anymore. That's so 90's.

Been about 10 years since I been solicited. And it was $20. She did not look much better than that crack whore meme. And just imagine that smell... Lmao

I juss threw up a little.


It has Always creeped me out. Cuz what If you say maybe and it is a cop... !


Is that what you sold yourself for in the 90's?

@krazzytrukker, he's telling us what a cheap thrill ride he is.


Did I mention my shirt says that..? LoL

"The Truck Stop Cuties, Comin' on to Me, Tried to talk me into a ride, said I wouldn't be Sorry..."

The nastiest of the nastiest are around those trash Fire dumpsters called truck stops. I avoid them as much as I can.
Kinda comical that I have been face to face with this garbage for over 30 years and my words are being doubted. It is $20 and sometimes less...
Why would I lie?


I heard it on the INTERNET CB Radio so it's gotta be true...


But how bout that "Arts Official Intellegence"? Pure comedy genuis I say...
But then again I follow everything with dotdotdot so what thee fuk do I know..?untitled.gif

 10 months ago  

Seriously, my appreciation is immeasurable.

And it makes me wonder. Makes me a couple things, really, but wonder is one of them.

To write a response like this?

I've been so old fashioned lately with consonants and vowels and punctuation and stuff.

That's not what I meant!

Many times I will write it then insert the Giphy.
As to not let the Giphy direct the writings direction.
Shhhh... Do not tell anyone. That is my Giphy King secret


 10 months ago  

Oh yeeeaah.