Randomness Attack: Cozy Exercise, Food, Random Alley, Etc.

Happy weekend!!!
I worked for a bit in the morning, but I'm taking the whole afternoon and night off. I'm planning to making some artworks later tonight. :) I'm not sure on what to do yet, but I miss playing with paint and stuff... perhaps more Christmas-themed art? We'll see... Anyway.

I've been very consistent with exercising every night for around a month now. And this is my set up. hahaha I like exercising while watching some TV series these days. It makes me enjoy exercising even more. Before, I used to play mobile games while riding the stationary bike, but I want to exercise my arms more, so this is the best way.

I've been sleeping really well and has been in a great mood and don't get tired easily since I started exercising. These are great perks and my healthy and sound sleep became my motivation to keep exercising at least 30 minutes every night. I also chose to exercise at night because doing so in the daytime is not that good. It's so hot and uncomfortable.

I didn't really change my diet that much, but I try not to have snacks in between meals. I also try to avoid drinking soda, but coffee is life! hahaha Anyway, that's BANANA flan.

Mama and I tried making this banana pudding. We wanted to make leche flan, but one time while watching a cooking show, we saw this recipe, so we decided to make this instead. It's so good!!!! <3 It isn't as sweet as leche flan, but we just love banana flavor. I left some banana bits when crushing some banana for this, so we could really taste it more.

Aside from the positive vibes I got from exercising, making and eating food makes me happy. <3 Well, I've also been very crazy about SB19 more these days. They're really my vibe and knowing how successful their world tour has been is making me extra happy and proud. I'm listening to their songs while making this, too. Lately, this song is my vibe...


It's just so encouraging! I mean all of their songs are amazing, especially WYAT (Where You AT) and Bazinga are back in the Billboard Charts. It just makes me so happy to see that they're doing really well and it makes me want to do my best, too. Just like this song's message, we can do anything we want to do. Nothing is stopping us... just keep on dreaming, keep on fighting and keep the fire burning. Of course, we have to put in our heart and effort to make our dreams a reality.

If you haven't heard of SB19 yet, please check them out!!! Below is their latest song and they're currently in the latter part of their world tour.


Aahhhhhhhh~!!! I just love them... Can't stop fangirling and promoting their songs and performances. hahahaha They also have some Christmas-themed songs like "Ligaya" and "Merry Munchkin". <3

So much for SB19, I'll keep my randomness going and show you some of the photos I took while in a moving vehicle on my way home a couple days ago.

Aside from the sky and cloud photos I shared in my previous post, I took these photos of various alleys?? Hahaha... I don't why, but I just felt like taking photos of them. It was quite hard, though since I was in a tricycle.

The last picture is the alley leading to my bestie's place. She's in the US now, though... I used to frequent this place when she still lived here. I miss you ate... You may or may not read this, though... Love you!!! hahaha

Sorry for the randomness... there are just a lot of stuff I want to share, but they're bits and pieces, so I did it this way. I'll try to enjoy my weekend. I'll be dyeing papa's hair later, then do some exercise and create some artworks.

It's going to be quite busy tomorrow, though. We're going to have some parts of the house fixed because the ceiling in my parents' room is leaking when it rains cats and dogs. Hopefully, we'd be able to have a calm and typhoon-less Christmas season this year.

Enjoy your day my friends! See you around!!!! (^^,)/


Hi @tegoshei, wow you are a person who transmits a lot of positive vibe, that's great. It's great that exercise works for you to sleep, it's horrible when you wake up and feel like you didn't get any rest. I don't know if your friend reads your post, but I'm sure your energy and love must reach her.
Note: I love the little faces, hehehehe (^^,)/.

Hello... Thanks a lot for thinking so. :) Yes, I'm really glad that it has helped me sleep more comfortably and get rid of insomnia. :) Thanks again... (^^,)v

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 4 months ago  

Hope your weekend was nice after the post!

Random posts are fun, can put a lot of things into one and it works out just fine! Exercising in the morning is better for me but I did do it at night for a while.

I thought that flan was an American pancake lol looks good!

It was quite geeky since I only played mobile games and watched some TV series and anime. Thanks to my asthma, I couldn't do other things. xD But I'm a bit better now. :D

Really?? hahaha It's more similar to pudding, I guess? But they're all delicious.. haha

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