MuTerra : Development Update - 2

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This post gives an update regarding what we have achieved so far since the last DEVELOPMENT UPDATE POST and in addition to that you'll find information on upcoming MALDIVES pack sale and CRATES.

Happy Reading.



The word "mutee" refers to the mutated creatures of MuTerra. We keep dropping teasers on MuTerra : Discord of all the mutees that you'll be able to hunt and tame in MuTerra Gameplay.

Here is one of the Legendary mutees that you'll find while playing MuTerra. A Fire-Mutated Gorilla.



Note : The winner will be announced in the post on MuTerra's Tokenomics

5 more mutees have been created since the last development post. So we are now at 25 wild mutees in addition to the 20 limited edition mutees that were made available in the pack sales.

Currently, these new mutee illustrations are being turned into pixel art for the PvE gameplay. Keep reading to see some of them!



Since the last post we have made good progress in the UI division. Here are a few snapshots of what we have been working on :

These are the icons for Equipment, Skill, Inventory and Stats respectively. You'll find it in the game menu.

This is the generalized text box which will have multiple uses. From being a dialogue box or leader board to different types of menu background.

This is the notification box in the making. Whenever you reach a new area or discover something new, the notifications will be shown in this.

We are almost done with the UI and will be releasing it in the next development build on our staging site. Here is a sneak peak :

NOTE : You can get access to our staging site by buying packs and crates of MuTerra in the upcoming sale.



Creating each and every map asset in pixel form is a very time consuming task. Maintaining the quality while speeding up the process is challenging but our artists have done a fantastic job standing up to this challenge.

MUTEE Designs

Here are some of the mutee illustrations that have been converted into pixel art :

Name : Aerobat
Gender : Male
Element : Air
Rarity : Rare

Name : Hodger
Gender : Male
Element :Earth
Rarity : Common

Name : Fierobat
Gender : Male
Element : Fire
Rarity : Epic

Name : Eliza
Gender : Female
Element : Earth
Rarity : Uncommon


Name : Flamander
Gender : Male
Element : Fire
Rarity : Common

Battle Effects

We have started the work on battle mechanics and for a good user experience battle animations are a must. Keeping that in mind our artists have started experimenting with some battle effects. Here are a few of our experimental designs :

A basic blood pool for death animation. More detailing will be added to it with some bones and meat on the top.

For some basic attacks the following effects will be used :



Just like cells are the basic building blocks of life, Tiles are the basic building blocks of any retro RPG game. From grass, road, bricks to big buildings and mountains, every asset takes time to come to life. Here are a few pixel art assets that you'll see while playing MuTerra :

Mutated trees, rocks and minerals. Rusted and broken road signs and finally a road sign made from mutated wood.

Cars that are no longer operable and with time, nature has taken its toll on them.


One of the biggest trees you'll see in MuTerra : Mutated Willow Tree.

Each day more and more pixel art assets are added to the game. Hundreds of such assets have already been created and now we have started making new maps using those assets.

NPC Designs

Since our last post we have created quite a few human NPCs. These NPCs are survivors who will be handing out quests and will also narrate the lore of MuTerra. Here are a few of them :


Instead of creating individual NPCs, we created human templates and then made add-ons like shirt, hair, shoes, trousers, etc. Putting them all in a randomizer software, we are able to generate new NPCs whenever required.

Currently, we have put NPC creation on hold and are focusing on other aspects of the project. When we start designing the Tamers of the game, we will come back to this division.

MAP Designs

As was mentioned in our last post, we had halted the map creation process because we were focusing on tile sets. The good news is that we are almost done with the tile sets and the work on maps has started again. Here are 2 snapshots of maps that are a work-in-progress.


Map Part.gif

Currently, maps for mining field, flower field and ruined town are being built.



You have seen some of the art work of Muterra and now in this section you'll get to know about the codes running behind those assets.


As was stated in the last post, we are building MuTerra using UNITY game engine. The game will then be integrated with HIVE blockchain.

Here's a dev log :

  • Initial Mutee battle system implemented.
  • Different variations for the Mutee AI created. More detailed AI in the works.
  • NPC interaction improvement task underway.
  • Integrating sounds.
  • Patrolling area and path finding AI being developed.
  • Changes in Attack Radius done.
  • Inventory System implemented.
  • Exceptions handling.
  • Testing and bugs fixing.

Staging Site

With every new feature and improvement to existing mechanisms, a new WebGL build is pushed to our staging site -

Here is short video straight from our staging site :

Game Start.gif

The developer build that we showcase on this site can be viewed by you too!


Just invest your time or money or both in MuTerra!


  1. Invest your time by playing our discord game season 5 that will be starting shortly. Join our Discord to learn more. (There are prizes to be won!)
  2. Invest your money by buying MALDIVES packs in our upcoming WAX sale or buy CRATES. Information about CRATES will be revealed in the next post.

HIVE Integration

As the UNITY side of the game is being developed, we are slowly integrating it the blockchain.
Currently, we are still testing the current APIs and making changes to the schema. The challenge here is securing everything. Once this is done, well... that would mean the game is ready to roll out.



MuTerra is full of stories! There's so much to narrate. The past and present of survivors and mutees; Their interwoven lifestyles; Mysteries of the mutated flora; The treasures and dangers looming in the world of MuTerra and more!

We are developing the stories side by side as we work towards launching the game. In the last post we shared the story of Flamander, a fire mutated salamander. In this post we would like to share the lore of Golrog.

Golrog's Story :

water earth toad.jpg

The ruins were that of an old abbey, long abandoned by civilization, half-submerged, and overrun by large mangrove trees. It was peaceful, in a way. Few noises besides the croaking of Goliath Frogs dared disturb the thick silence that reigned absolute.

This was all a façade, the decrepit walls were haunted by the ghosts of foolish explorers that tried to rest here, for this was the lair of a GOLROG. The size of a fat Elizo, this insect-looking mutee was rock plated and perfectly amphibious, trapping oxygen beneath its scales to maneuver the depths. Extremely patient, Golrogs were masterminds in their environments and could spend days altering their lair to suit their hunting needs.

Despite knowing all this, Elan had to capture this one; the camp was running out of resources, and this mutee could solve…

His reveries were interrupted by a vine bursting out of the water and flying towards his throat.
There it was; Golrog’s ability to control plants to a minor extent.
His bait had worked; he’d faked being asleep for hours back in the old world, but never once thought it would be a crucial skill to have one day.

Cutting the vine with a practiced panicked movement, the hunter rushed seemingly at random towards a pair of pillars. A seemingly dead-end which would make the prey confident in its victory and come towards him.
With enough theatrics, it might not notice the Terrainzulie trap laid on the way.
If it did… Well, maybe the next hunter would have more luck.



As was announced in our last post, 7 BGMs (Background Music) accompanied with SFXs and Foleys have already been created. We plan to integrate them with the maps as and when they are created.

You can come and listen to the first track that we released on MuTerra : Discord.

As for other tracks, you can listen to them on our staging site. Access to it has be given to those who have bought/opened MALDIVES packs. You can get access to the staging site too! Just be there for our upcoming pack sales on WAX!



The last 9,000 MALDIVES packs will be put on sale very very soon! So get your WAX accounts set up and keep your WAXP ready because MuTerra's WAX Sale is here!


In the coming week a few things will happen :

  1. You'll be asked to link your wax wallet on our site :
  2. We'll explain how and from where you can buy packs on WAX.
  3. And later we'll tell you how you can send those packs from WAX chain to HIVE and then open it.

NOTE : We have finalized the date of WAX sale but it will only be revealed in our next post which will be all about MuTerra's Tokenomics. Do look forward to it!

For those who don't know, there are 20,000 MALDIVES PACKS. MALDIVES Packs are the first pack edition of MuTerra, aka, Alpha Pack. We sold 10,000 packs in September. 1,000 packs were kept for promotions and rewards. The remaining 9,000 packs will constitute the second half of the pre-sale which will happen on WAX chain.



We started the Discord Game series because we needed something to engage the community in waiting for the developers to complete the development process of MuTerra.


Number of Participants : 87
Total Rewards : 54 MALDIVES packs + Access to Staging Site

We started off with the most basic game where everyone had to select one of the locations mentioned in the map and then submit 15 steps. You'd win a point everytime your step coincided with a reward location.


Number of Participants : 120
Total Rewards : 108 MALDIVES packs + 9,528 MUT + Access to Staging Site

We built further on season 1 by making better maps. Each day 6 maps were shared and you had to choose one of them and then enter 15 steps trying to reach as many reward chests as possible. Different movements were also introduced like jumping and swimming. The points you gained were also made tradeable for extra movement points.

The season ended with 2 brainteasers!


Number of Participants : 123
Total Rewards : 50 MALDIVES Packs + 20,049 MUT + Access to Staging Site

Building further on Season 2, we introduced mutee battles. You got to choose a mutee at the start of the season and then you'd use it to battle other mutees on the map and get more rewards and chests that they were guarding.

The season ended with us introducing portals!


Number of Participants : 64
Total Rewards : 58 MALDIVES Packs and 13,440 MUT + Mutees of different rarities + Access to Staging Site

This season was by far the most complicated one. We introduced exploration days and town days. Exploration days were the days when you earned points and on town days you could use those points to buy things.

The season ended with many players saving their gains for Season 5!

After Season 4 we took a break from hosting more such games as all our focus went into game development. But Season 5 had to happen because many players saved their items in Season 4 so that they could be used in the next season.

SEASON 5 will be starting on 15th February with MALDIVES packs and WAX NFTs as rewards for the winners. All other participants will get MUT rewards which will be handed out after the game launches!



While playing MuTerra, you'll collect minerals and plants. In addition to that you'll fight wild mutees that will also drop items. All these things will act as raw materials which will ultimately be used to give you MUT and NFTs!

Minerals and Plants will both come in 6 rarities : Mythical, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common.
These raw materials would go into crafting wearables like Body Armor, Helmet, Back pack, etc. Also, these raw materials would be required for brewing consumables like Luck potion, Health potion and more. Not only this, a specified quantity of these raw materials could be directly converted into MUT.

Now what does crate have to do with all this?

Well, every raw material available in the wild can be found inside these crates. So, Crates are basically the mystery boxes of MuTerra which contain raw materials.

Why should I buy these crates if I can find its content by playing the game?

Simple. To ease your grinding a little. And some other incentives that will be revealed in the next post ;)

Won't this benefit the whales?

There are 2 types of investments - Time and Money

If you don't want to put in money, put in your time and get those items by playing MuTerra! Crates are not giving anything special that you won't already find in the wild.

On the other hand, buying crates will make it a bit easier for you to get those last missing resources to complete the recipe of an equipment.

More on crates in the next post. Its gonna be all about MuTerra's Tokenomics!



MUT is the in-game currency of MuTerra. Its a Fungible Token that has already been listed on HIVE Engine. The supply will only start after we launch the Alpha Gameplay.

Barring Tamers, every other item of MuTerra will have a burn value attached to it. We will talk about it in detail in our upcoming post - MuTerra : Tokenomics

MUT : Mutee Utility Token



Home Page.png

MuTerra is set in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has killed almost all of humanity and has mutated plants and animals. You, the survivors, are tasked with ensuring that humanity doesn't go extinct by exploring the wild, capturing the mutated animals and taming them.

MuTerra is TCG+RPG game which will on HIVE blockchain. But the assets will be available on both WAX and HIVE. WAX side will be used to breed and blend mutees (mutated animals). And the new NFT created on WAX can be sent over to HIVE chain.

The RPG aspect will deal with explorations, raids, quests and more.
The TCG aspect will deal with PvE and PvP battles, where you collect NFTs and fight each other to prove you are the better tamer.

Visit our Website :

Join us on :

Follow us on :


Magma Gorilla

Really much news, thanks for posting! My suggestion is: Kong Stone

My suggestion would be Lava Giant.

Glad to see an update! Mutee name : Dauron

This all sounds really exciting! The game is looking good so far and I can't wait to see more and more information about it!


Wow!!! the game is looking really nice.
I am happy that I won't be too late for this party...

Suggestion for the awesomely looking four armed fire monkey - PYRO-GRODD

Super excited for this. My name suggestion is a combination of magma and gorilla.

Name suggestion : Quadrilla/Quadrillor
Reasoning: Well yeah it has fire stuff, but so do 20 other mutees. This dude has also four arms. That's a lot of spanking.

Woah!!!! Crazy Art work!!

My Suggestion : Child of Prometheus
Lessgooo!!! MUTERRA .


What a sweet update - thanks!

The name of the mutated Gorilla must be: GORGO! 😎

I would suggest Gowrath for the monster.

 last year (edited) 

My suggestion is Tetragrodd.😄

looks interesting :)

My suggestion: Four-armed Lavaback

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Can't wait! Very exited to play the game when it comes out. Looking forward to season 5 as well. I like the retro look, and can tell from your post that the team has been hard at work!

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