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A few weeks ago when I was looking at the Lazada shopping app, this thing came on "Time Sales". Now, it is selling above 9 bucks. Previously, the black one was selling $6+ and the white one was selling at $5+.

🎶Meanwhile, some music for you to enjoy as you read. This piece is part of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, particular the first of the 4 violin concertos, called Spring.
🎶让大家继续读的时候,欣赏一点音乐。这件作品是维瓦尔第的“四季”的一部分 - 4小提琴协奏曲中的第一首,名为“春天”。
Source | 来源: https://musopen.org/

Source | 来源: https://musopen.org/music/2213/antonio-vivaldi/the-four-seasons/
I don't care about the colour so I bought the white which was cheaper. I was planning to bring to to my new job next week. I assume they will be providing a monitor.

Last week, the package came. Doorbell didn't ring.

I opened up and unscrew the two legs and did some adjustment before tightening it back.

Went to my room and tested in on the relatively new curve LED monitor at home. Looks good. OK, next Monday, it's going with me to my new workplace. Now, I need to find something cool to decorate. Maybe, I'll go Daiso store and get some Halloween stuff. Or a mini-Christmas tree. 🎄What? Too early? I'm not putting a pumpkin there. 😎
走去我的房间,放在家里较新的显示器测试。看起来不错。 OK,下星期一,带它去新的工作场所。现在,我需要找到一些有趣的东西来装饰。也许,我会去大创店,找些万圣节装饰。或小型的圣诞树。 🎄啥?太早了吗?😎

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No!!! Never too early!!! :)) After all, there is Christmas in July! I like white! It is clean looking and it was super cheap!!

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