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RE: Original Research: Evaluating the Healing Potency of Different Honey on Wound and Skin Infections Collected from Three Selected Hospitals in Nigeria

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No matter how we want to say it, chemicals are inevitable. The said plants and herbs people consume even contains more and higher dose of phytochemicals ranging from Alkaloids to others. If not for dosage, the dangerous effects can be devastating.

ANOVA is one statistical tool that most of my associates love using Especially in cases of disparity and variance in values. It's much more friendly in this regards.

Most of my research works are actually Published under open Access, except textbook versions - the Publishers would hardly let it out for

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So sorry about your kid @gentleshaid , children at early age can be really troubled with recurrent ailments, but proper diagnosis will sure settle it. Hopefully he will sure bounce back hale and hearty.

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Thank you sir

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I guess the usage of this or that method is probably field-dependent. :)