Let's Discuss About Difficulty in Breathing

The human body is a machine. Machines have parts that work well and others that don't always work properly. When one part doesn't always work, the result can be a breakdown in order or efficiency. Without taking into account all the factors, the end product can also be flawed and substandard. Breathing has to do with machines working properly.

It is the process of exchanging oxygen from the lungs to the blood and carbon dioxide from the blood back to the lungs again through the airways (lungs). This exchange of gases takes place constantly as we breathe in and out. Unfortunately, for some people, breathing is difficult.

There are different reasons why someone might find it harder to breathe. Some cases are more severe than others, but all will result in difficulties breathing at times. For people who struggle to breathe during exercise or while panicked or under stress, there are various possible causes which I will be discussing here below:

Disordered Breathing



In order to properly function, all our organs, glands, and muscles must be in proper balance. The breathing process is centered on achieving and maintaining this, which is called good breathing. It is the balance between air coming in and leaving the body and between gases in the blood and lungs that determine our level of health.

If one area of the body is out of whack, the rest of the body will suffer too. At times, the disorder may be present on its own or be part of a larger condition such as bronchial asthma, lungworm, pneumonia, or emphysema.

Breathing Pressure Deficit is when the breathing process is overworked and inefficient. If a person's breathing is slow and even throughout the day, it may be due to a breathing pressure deficit. This is when the difference is too great between the amount of air in the lungs and the amount of air in the rest of the body.

Heart failure

This is usually temporary and is usually the result of an unbalanced diet or poor habits such as smoking. It can also occur as a side effect of certain medications. A breathing pressure deficit can also occur as a result of a heart valve problem, heart disease, an enlarged prostate, or a blocked airway.

Decreased Pupillary Response is the reaction of the eyes to changes in the air pressure around us. The pupils of the eyes are two tiny blood vessels at the center of the eyeball. The lower part of the eyeball is called the ciliary body. If the air pressure in the eye is too low, the ciliary body will be constricted which causes the eye to dilate. This sends more blood to the retina which results in a bright eye and better vision.

In order for the lungs to exchange gases, they have to be able to exchange gases with the air. This is where the diaphragm comes into play. The diaphragm is the muscle that controls breathing. If the diaphragm is weak or nonexistent in someone's breathing process, then the lungs cannot exchange gases at all.




This is a lung disease that mainly affects the elderly. Pneumonia usually develops due to an infection or inflammation. Many people who have pneumonia also have a disorder called emphysema which damages the airways.


COPD is a group of diseases affecting the airways, breathing, and lungs. It is a chronic condition that is triggered by various factors like smoking, exposure to pollution, or a cold environment. This makes it hard for people who have it to breath clean air.

Shortness of Breath

This is a feeling of not being able to take a deep breath. It may feel like a tightness in the chest or a pressure in the abdomen. This feeling usually results from a reduced amount of air in the lungs. It may also be accompanied by a sense of oppression or a 'knee-jerk' response to breathing in something stress filled.

The human body is a complex machine. It has different parts that all work together to achieve a certain goal. The breathing process is one of them. If one part doesn't always work properly, the result is a malfunction in the order or efficiency of breathing. Without taking into account all the factors, the end product can also be flawed and substandard.

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I met a friend recently who was telling me about his panic attacks, and shortness of breath and feeling like he was gonna have a heart attack were two of the symptoms.

These symptoms when seen should be quickly addressed before it leads to another thing

Appreciate the explanation, the human body is indeed a complex make-up, and all the technicality that goes into its functional operation is indeed a lot.

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