LOW SPERM COUNT!!! - What you need to know about it and the Possibly Causes of Low Sperm Count

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Sperm production is a complicated process, and there’s no one factor that can be altered to increase sperm production. However, certain lifestyle changes and medical conditions can lead to low sperm count in men. Various factors that play a role in the reduction of sperm count are discussed below. At times the question of many male that suffer from the low sperm count is what actually causes and how do they come about it. The truth of the matter is many of the victim have been suffering the effect from a early time but many might not be aware untill a test is carried out to check their fertility probably after marriage and trying to give birth but finding it difficult to do so.

Even though this issue has causes a lot of broken marriages and rejection in the society, it is evident that if the causes are well known, it can actually be prevented Lower sperm count is an objective medical condition. In some cases, it may be due the testicles not producing enough sperm cells or the ability of those cells to travel through the male reproductive system and out of the penis. In some other cases, it may be because there isn’t enough quality of the sperm cells produced or because they don’t mature properly before ejaculation.

If you have low sperms, you should consider seeking professional help as soon as possible rather than self-medicating with various herbal remedies that might potentially harm your fertility if they aren’t effective at first go. So many people in the society most especially Nigeria tend to go on the self medicating route probably with some local herbs. Even though it might a bit effecti when it comes to sex making, the afterall effect is dangerous to ones fertility and overall to ones health and should be avoided. Instead medical help should be deemed instead of going for local herb for solution


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The causes of low Sperm Count ranges from different source which many are ignorant of. Stay tune as we look at the causes below one after the other and possible ways to avoid them

Fructose-Induced Obesity and Its Effect On Sperm Production

Fructose is found in high-fructose corn syrup and other processed foods. Excessive fructose intake in the diet of a male can overwhelm his sperm production.

Excessive fructose intake can negatively affect sperm production by:

  • Blocking the liver from manufacturing sperm-friendly chemicals, resulting in sub-optimal sperm health

  • Precipitating insulin resistance

  • a condition that significantly impairs the movement of sugar in the blood and interferes with the production of sperm in the testicles

  • Increasing uric acid levels in the blood - a condition that can lead to testicular inflammation and damage, both of which can reduce sperm count


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  • Predominantly, fructose intake is a sugar that is metabolized differently by the body than other natural sugars present in whole fruits and vegetables.

Environmental Toxins - Lead, Smoking, and Others

Even though many might disagree with me, smoking is a huge causes of low sperm count. Smokers have higher tendency to suffer from it much more than average male. smoking is one of the most common causes of reduced sperm count. You may be wondering how do smoking happens to be one of the causes.

Smoking damages sperm DNA and impairs sperm production by:

  • Causing oxidative damage to sperm, thereby reducing sperm count

  • Decreasing sperm motility - the ability of sperm to move toward an egg and cause pregnancy

  • Interfering with the production of testosterone and other hormones needed for normal sperm production

Apart from smoking, lead been heavy metal is found in many city and industrial areas. Excessive intake of lead can reduce sperm count by damaging sperm DNA.

Diabetes and Its Effect On Sperm Production


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Men who have a history of type-2 diabetes have a lower sperm count than men without diabetes. However, there’s no conclusive evidence that proves that diabetes itself is the cause of low sperm count in men.

It’s believed that the cause of low sperm count in men with diabetes is the damage caused to sperm cells by high levels of oxidative stress. Type-2 diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood glucose levels. Excessive oxidative stress induced by high glucose levels leads to the deterioration of reproductive tissues, including sperm cells.

Alcohol Consumption and its Effect On Sperm Count

Now apart from smokers having high tendency of suffering from low sperm count, if you happens to be an alcohol lover, then you also high tendency of experiencing low sperm count Alcohol is a potent toxin that affects various body systems, including the reproductive system.

Alcohol interferes with sperm production by:

  • Decreasing sperm motility - the ability of sperm to move toward an egg and cause pregnancy

  • Increasing oxidative damage to sperm, resulting in reduced sperm count

  • Increasing sperm DNA fragmentation

  • damage to sperm DNA can cause malformation of the sperm cells, thereby reducing the likelihood of fertilization

  • Alcohol also interferes with the hormonal regulation of reproductive function. As a result, abnormal sperm development and abnormal sperm function may result.

Obesity And Its Effect On Sperm Production

Excessive dietary intake of fat impairs hormonal regulation in the testicles and leads to the degeneration of sperm cells. Moreover, excess intake of sugar in the diet leads to insulin resistance, a condition that significantly impairs the movement of sugar in the blood and interferes with the production of sperm in the testicles.


If you have a low sperm count, it’s important to see your doctor. Even if you aren’t experiencing any obvious health problem, there may be an underlying condition that is causing your low sperm count. Low sperm count is a condition that requires treatment. Thus, you need to be proactive, not reactive. There are a number of lifestyle factors that can cause a decrease in sperm count, but there is no definitive test to determine if you have low sperm count. It is important, however, to take steps to increase your sperm count








Most men feel ashamed about disclosing they have this condition, in the real sense, the best thing is to seek help as soon as possible, I hope more men get to see this and realize it is best to speak out.

Very well said. Been secretive about it will not help. One really need to seek help

I have to say that I didn't know much about this topic, some but basic things. With the reading of this publication, he was left with a better vision of everything, I know that there is much to deepen, but I take away good information.
You mentioned lead, not only does this affect sperm count, but according to the video he saw recently it's linked to most testicular cancers, which is a big problem, an even bigger one.

Glad you are able to learn something from this. Thank you for stopping by

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