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I spent some time waiting for the needle to inject a bit of vaccine into my left arm this morning, and now ...


... you may wonder what the heck this weird little artwork has to do with the vaccination? Well, I drew it early in the morning ...


... while waiting in front of this building. The photograph was taken at 7 AM when I arrived to take my place in the line that wasn't even formed at that point. I was the only one waiting for the opening at 9 AM. And now ...


... you may wonder - isn't that a bit too early? Well, I tried to get the vaccine a couple of times during the last few weeks, but I couldn't stand to wait in a hundred meters long line for hours. It's not that I dislike people, but I just don't like them that much to feel good standing with many of my fellow humans for hours in an extremely boring situation. Look - I like people, but I hate those damn lines, hate them deeply and wholeheartedly. So I arrived early and for the first half of the waiting, I was the only person waiting. As you can see in this photograph taken at 7: 32, the day started gray and cloudy. Wasn't very cold, but was humid and far from comfortably warm.


Fortunately, I brought some little helpers with me. I had a notebook and a ballpoint pen. Drawing and doodling helped me a lot.


My camera was also there with me, so I caught a bit of traffic ...


... and a man in a contemplative pose on the balcony of the building across the relatively large roundabout.


Here you can see some alien creature that accidentally escaped my imagination and ended up trapped inside the two - dimensional hell on the notebook's white page.


The geometric patterns of the windows on the surrounding buildings looked better than the boring suburban cuboids on which those windows were displayed.
Some minutes after 8 AM other people in need of a vaccine started to arrive. I was first among them, fortunately. I mean, fortunately for me.


A quarter after 9, when I was walking towards the car parked not far from there on the large parking lot of the General Hospital ...


... the long line was formed ...


... but it wasn't complete. It was getting longer ... and a gentle but annoying rain started to fall.


Here you can see the raw, original, ballpoint pen-only version of the opening artwork. And that's it - until the second dose.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the artworks & photographs are my work - THE END.


The drawings are beautiful only you didn't photograph the tent and sleeping bag while waiting for the early morning queue to be NUMBER 1. ;))

hehehehee I arrived a bit unprepared this time, but for the second dose, I'll be there at 4 AM with a solid tent!!! Thanks for the idea.

The name and the first picture confused me, I thought you were talking about a different dose)))


I was really worried about getting the shots, but six months later and I still haven't grown a second head :))

:D It's almost disappointing! I mean, I don't need another head but this lack of fantastical side effects kind of diminishes the chances that some other, nicer fantasies are real! :D I'm not so sure anymore that I'll get some superpower if bitten by a radioactive insect or touched by the toxic gue. It's not definitive proof, but who knows - maybe even the Earth isn't flat after all!


My family and I recently and quietly got the jab, stranded abroad we have little choice. To escape Suriname I would snort uranium while swimming through a shark tank, so the vax is the least of my worries. I am left wondering what kind of head your unfinished creature might've ended up with.....

:) Maybe I'll put the head on that creature while waiting for the second dose.

In the photos I can see the long line that formed, and I suppose it continued to form, you got up early, I imagine the faces of the people when they see you there only early, but also when you are the first in line, it always happens, the The starting drawing is a bit strange, well the alien's too, but it's your drawings and I respect what you do.
A hug

You've had so many different events in a few hours @borjan
And I always hate waiting in line. But I'm glad you finally got what you wanted.
I've been trying to understand the messages you want to give in these pictures you have drawn for a few minutes. Really different and deeply meaningful pictures. Maybe you can pass this conversation off by saying that you just drew these pictures. But I think these pictures have different meanings psychologically.

It was kinda just drawing. But then, it's never just drawing because the brain is not completely off, imagination, subconscious, and other stuff are always at work. I don't know the meaning behind this :) but I'm glad that the drawings give you a sensation of something meaningful. I hadn't a clear message or meaning in mind, but that doesn't exclude the meaning - so whatever meaning you, as an observer, found in it - it's cool.

I expected an answer like this @borjan
I think that pictures and dreams reveal some truths in our brain. So I'm starting with some realities that we think and dream about. It is difficult to fully explain this.

Very cool experience and art related to the anticipation of the poke...I think I ended up having 4 IPAs to settle the nerves before I got my J+J shot. Not quite as creative as your work, but it did work for me...


Nice illustrations and beautiful photos. Waiting is really boring.

Thanks :) Yes, waiting in line it's one of the pinnacles of boredom.

Not gonna lie, your photographs do give a melancholic image :) Where is this? At first I thought it was the Netherlands, but the buildings don't quite match what I'm used to seeing...
Still, I like how much you managed to take from what most would consider a mundane, boring experience.

Yes, the weather created a melancholic atmosphere. Especially early in the morning. This is in Croatia. Istra peninsula, the region not far from Italy.

Ahhhh, I was really far off lol.
Funny how PeakD somehow has a way of being more international than common social media platforms...

:) Yes, the atmosphere here is very colorful and international. :) The weather on the photograph definitively looks more central European than Mediterranean, and through suburban areas with generic cuboid buildings is hard to define the specific place.

Right. It's actually quite sad. I wish architecture was more varied in the West. It feels like everything is different shades of cuboid and stale. Reminds me of Eastern Europe, just not as brutal.

Now that I think about it, all I really know about Croatia is Marko Perković Thompson and another band that I liked from the area...

The coloring process is very beautiful, I really like the picture (first) 👏👍

you have a really imaginative mind I must say.... believe me I don't like those long lines too.

If I meet them, I always keep my position and go stay somewhere else till it's my turn

Awesome drawings. They look very surreal, kind of like a mix between plants and animals. Neat!
I'm with you on disliking waiting in long lines. Lines are the worst. But drawing is a good activity to do while waiting.

Yes :) Having something fun to do while waiting can save the day.

Hi friends, it turns out that there are very many people who want to be vaccinated with you, hopefully Covid 19 ends quickly.

COVID-19 vaccine? All those photography are so beautiful . And also sketch are so beautiful.

Now hold on, out there......... : /

:D heheheee, when nothing else works only vain hope remains.

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